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Signs From Spirit: How Our Loved Ones In Heaven Manage To Get Signs From Spirit To Us

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

There are so many ways that loved ones in heaven can get signs to us. The capabilities are almost endless. While it would be impossible for me to cover every single way that they can get us signs from spirit, this post will cover the four most common and explain HOW your loved ones in heaven get those signs from spirit to you.

Butterflies From Heaven

Loved ones in heaven use animals as spirit signs quite often. We all know about the times when we may see a butterfly and we consider it to be a sign from spirit, or we might see a cardinal as a sign from our loved one in heaven. Those are two pretty common signs from the afterlife.

I have clients who have even considered raccoons and squirrels as signs. Whatever animal is personable to you and your loved one in heaven can absolutely be utilized as a sign from the afterlife. That’s wonderful, and those animals are signs from spirit. They’re very, very real signs from spirit. What matters most is following your intuition about a sign: your soul knows.

However, the misconception I want to get right out of the way is the misconception that our loved ones in heaven actually are the animals when they use animals as signs. Your loved one in heaven is not the actual animal. Your loved one’s spirit is not in the animal, your loved one in heaven is not the animal.

Instead, what’s happening is they are nudging the animal to make its way into your path.

So, your loved one and the animal, which has a soul itself, are working together as two separate entities to get the animal as a sign into your path. The animal likely is not a knowing participant either – sometimes the animal may consciously know what they’re doing from a brain-level perspective, but that’s likely rare.

In other words, your loved one in heaven is energetically nudging that animal to make its way into your path, and that is how the sign happens to be.

Think of it like this: your husband in heaven is sending a thought to a hummingbird to fly into your backyard and perch on your kitchen window while he knows you’re making your morning coffee. That’s energetic communication between two separate souls (your husband and the hummingbird), and it’s likely the hummingbird doesn’t consciously know that it’s choosing your window to perch on because there happens to be a widow inside who is grieving the soul who put the thought in it’s mind to sit on the window. From the hummingbird’s perspective, it’s just listening to it’s own thought, or instinct. It’s trusting itself, which is what your husband was counting on when he sent it the energy.

Make sense?

Okay then 😊…. moving on to you…..

You can also be just like the hummingbird 😊But you have to trust your intuition, or instinct, like the hummingbird.

Loved ones in heaven can nudge you into the path of the animal. That is possible because humans communicate with spirit often; we just don’t always realize it.

Loved ones in heaven use our feelings and their feelings to communicate. This is referred to as using clairsentience; they clairesentiently communicate with us (and with the animal as well!). It happens ALL the time.

Clairsentience is often mistaken for our own human feelings and thoughts, when its really spirit communication (mediums are trained to tell the difference between spirit feelings/thoughts and our own in readings). That’s where you trusting your intuition and instinct, like the hummingbird, comes in.

Loved ones in heaven also clairvoyantly communicate with us – that’s when they use vision, or images, to communicate with us. We just don’t always recognize that’s what’s happening.

We don’t always recognize it, because we mistake clairvoyance for our own thought images: for our own thoughts.


Loved ones in heaven are communicating with us

Through feelings.

Through images.

Through hearing.

Through thoughts.

They do that to get you in the path of the animal. OR. They do it with the animal to get the animal into the path of you.

And THAT is how animals come to be as signs from spirit. Keep reading below for an actual example.

Cardinals From Heaven: An Example of How It Works

You are sitting at your dining room table, typing on your laptop, deep into your work. You get a thought, “Hey, let me stand up and go step over to the windowsill and look out the window right now.”

You don’t really know why this thought strikes you, but you honor it anyway. So, you step over to the window, you look out, and you see a cardinal in the tree. You know instantly, that the cardinal is a sign from your dad in heaven.

That would be an example of your loved one in heaven nudging you to see that cardinal as a sign from them.

It wasn’t really your own thought telling you to go and look out the window, even if you think it was your own thought. It was actually your loved one in heaven communicating with you to receive the sign from spirit that they wanted to give you.

Pennies From Heaven

Spirit sends us physical objects and puts those physical objects in our paths.

For example, coins are a common physical object. You might associate the sunshine, rainbows, feathers, a certain word in print, or a certain type of flower with your loved one. Pretty much any object you can think of can be a sign from spirit: the possibilities are infinite.

Everybody has something different that they associate with their particular loved ones or their various loved ones in heaven. They might have a different object for each person. Some people might even have a particular object that they associate just with family members in general.

Objects don’t need to be just the actual object either. Signs from spirit can get very creative. For example, if your object is the sunshine: you could see a sun anywhere: magazines, billboards, on someone’s shoe, the back of someone’s t-shirt, a sticker on the ground: anywhere during key moments when you are needing them the most, and when we are listening to our intuition and soul so that we know they are signs.

Ninety-percent of the time, objects are placed in our paths in the very same way that I described animals. This means that 90% of the time, they are placed in our paths by spirit working with another living person to get the object to your eyesight. To get the object into your presence.

So, 90% of the time, your loved one in heaven is using another individual on this earth to get the object in front of you through energetic communication.


Your loved one in heaven is working with you to get you in front of the object so that you notice the object. This means that its only about 10% of the time in which spirit is somehow manifesting that object into existence from their dimension to our’s.

Penny From Heaven: An Example of How It Works

Let’s use a coin as an example. A complete stranger is walking past your house on the sidewalk. They have coins in their pocket. They get a thought in their head of, “I want a piece of gum.” Their gum is in the same pocket as the coins.

So, they take out that piece of gum they’re thinking about, and with it they accidentally drop a penny. The penny they drop is of the same year that your dad in heaven passed away or the same date that your dad in heaven was born.

The stranger puts that piece of gum in their mouth and they keep going about their day, not noticing their fumble.

This stranger only thought they had the random urge to chew some gum at that particular moment. But, really, your dad in heaven put that thought there. Because that’s how consciousness and how spirit communication works.

Your dad in heaven either used clairaudience by giving them the thought words, “I want a piece of gum.” Or he sent a feeling clairsentiently of desiring to chew a piece of gum.

Your dad in spirit put that into the stranger’s energy field. Into their headspace. Right as they were in front of your house because your dad is higher consciousness.

Further, because your dad in heaven is a part of higher consciousness, he also knows:

1) That particular penny was in their pocket;

2) They’re clumsy or in a hurry and would probably drop it;

3) You’re planning to mow the lawn after work and would thus likely find the penny.

So that is a perfect example of how they use other living people to get the signs from spirit in front of us.

In fact, he WAS the sign…..

Sometimes loved ones in heaven will even nudge complete strangers to come up and say things to one another as signs from spirit, which is amazing when people follow that intuition they receive.

I’ve had multiple clients tell me stories of complete strangers coming up and saying very noteworthy things to them. Kind things. Nice things. Loving things.

The strangers will say things like, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, I just feel like I really need to.” And it ends up being a really profound message to the recipient. (It’s not a reading by any means, because random readings are totally unethical – these are just normal everyday people).

These are instances of a stranger walking up to another stranger and saying, “I’m not sure why, but I just wanted to tell you to have a wonderful day. My name’s David, by the way.” Things like that.

And then it turns out that the recipient who they approached and said it to, that person’s husband named David had recently passed away ten days ago.

Things like that have and DO happen. I’ve heard some of the most amazing stories. There are no coincidences. That’s spirit working through another person to reach you.

TV Turning On By Itself as a Signs From Spirit

Electronics are another common way that spirit works. Obviously, I’m not in spirit and none of us are really going to know 100% how easy or how difficult it is for spirit to work with us until we are ourselves transition, but I do feel like electronics and the manipulation of electronics is probably one of the easiest signs from spirit for them to get to us, because spirit is pure energy.

Loved ones in heaven are no longer in a physical body. Our physical body vibrates low. Spirit vibrates high.

In terms of you and me: our soul vibrates high, but our physical body weighs us down as human beings. So, when we shed this physical body, our pure soul vibrates high. We’re no longer weighed down.

So, they are vibrating high. They’re pure, pure, pure energy.

In terms of electrical energy, that’s pure energy as well, obviously. It vibrates so high and fast, we can’t even see it with our naked eyes.

Thus, I feel like that’s super easy – or much easier - for them to tap into.

I do think it’s likely easy for them to tap into us humans as well in terms of getting signs from spirit to us. However, in those cases they’re then reliant on us or the other person responding to their communications and acting. In terms of electrical objects, the electrical object is always going to respond.

With electrical objects they’re not reliant on you taking the message and doing something with it, or the stranger taking the message and doing something with it. So, I feel like the electrical objects are probably their safest, easiest, most reliable bet. I feel like that’s why they use them so often.

When you have things like your phone turning on by itself, your phone turning on a song by itself, your radio in your car doing funky things, lights turning on and off or going out, your tv changing channels, your alarm clock going off by itself, or pretty much anything you can think of with an electrical piece of equipment and you have a split-second knowing that it was your loved one in heaven, trust that, because your soul knows.

And when your soul knows, it knows. If your brain later doubts, that’s your human monkey mind trying to talk you out of it. Your human monkey mind doesn’t know. Your soul does, trust your soul.

I’m not saying that you can’t have lightbulbs flickering or other things happening in your house that could be explained away by other scenarios, but when you get that split-second knowing, listen to it. If there’s other things happening that aren’t from loved ones in heaven, you won’t get that knowing along with it. Always trust your gut, trust your soul.

Unexplainable Signs From Spirit

These are those signs from spirit that manifest into the earth plane that 10% of the time can’t really be explained. They’re logistically unexplainable, which means there are capabilities from the spirit realm that we simply won’t know or understand until we are ourselves are the ones providing the signs from spirit.

These are signs from spirit, such as objects that just manifest into your physical reality seemingly out of nowhere, or signs that indicate that spirit people can move physical objects.

For example, you clean off your table entirely, then you leave the room go to the bathroom, come back and there is a bright shiny penny laying there that had 110% not been there when you left. The penny has your grandpa’s birth year on it. It manifested into your physical reality and no one else is in the house, there’s no other explanation other than it having come from some form of manifestation from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. I cannot explain that to you, I cannot tell you how that happens. I’ve been having more and more instances of this happening with myself lately, it’s super amazing – it blows my mind. I describe one such instance here. I called it, the day my grandpa played a ‘magic trick’ from the other side!

These unexplainable happenings are rarer occurrences. Perhaps, because it may take more energy from the spiritual realm to make things happen. Perhaps, because they don’t want to scare us. I’m not sure of the reasoning. Again, it’s something we won’t totally understand until we ourselves are in spirit because, scientifically, I can’t explain it to you.

Trust Your Intuition to Get More Signs From Spirit

My personal opinion is that I feel like unexplainable signs from spirit are rarer because I do assume, based on my knowledge of spirit and how the spirit world works, that these take a large amount of energy to bring forth, so that is why I do feel like these are rarer. I do feel like the easier – or the easiest signs from spirit, with number one being the easiest – are:

1: Electronic signs.

2: Then, the next easiest signs from spirit would be utilizing animals, because animals are typically responsive to energetic communication: it’s how they live their lives via listening to their own inner knowings and tendencies, even if they don’t biologically brain-wise realize it’s coming from a spirit in that moment.

3: Then, the next easiest signs from spirit are utilizing living humans, be it you yourself or complete strangers/other people. These fall third in the list of easiness, because we are more likely than animals to ignore our inner thoughts and inner direction.

Get More Signs From Spirit

We are less likely to trust ourselves. At the end of it all though, if you want to receive more signs spirit, you have to trust. You have to trust your loved one in heaven and you have to trust your own inner voice.

You are receiving signs from spirit every single day. I promise you that. You just aren’t seeing all of them. The more you learn to trust, the more you will receive. This is also why there is no such thing as coincidences, only energy, energy matches, intuition, spirit, and (sometimes even unknowingly) listening to our higher selves.


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