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It is important to come to your reading with an open heart, an open mind, and prepared to be energetically engaged. Please be in an area as free from distractions as possible. Not coming with an open heart and mind or being very distracted can create an energetic wall, which can make the connection more difficult for all parties involved.

Spend some time prior to your reading considering which type of reading you are desiring most: mediumship, intuitive, or being open to whatever comes forward. Typically, people deep in grief want a wholly mediumship reading, and that is totally fine!  It's important, however, that you are true to your heart and verbalize that to Mary when she asks you at the start of your appointment. Also, please be advised that if Mary receives pieces of intuitive information or vice versa during your experience, she's going to give it, so as not to disrupt the energetic flow of the reading. 

If seeking an intuitive reading, please know that Mary is not the type of psychic who makes concrete, set-in-stone predictions of the future. That is not what psychic work actually is. For example, she will not tell you that you will meet your husband on a certain date, or that your current marriage will end in divorce. To do so, would be to take away your free will, which Mary believes strongly that we all have and that the future is fluid. Instead, Mary's intuitive readings involve her connecting to YOUR soul energy and she provides evidential psychic information from your past and present, and intuitive guidance for growth from your higher self for you to apply to your future if you choose. Intuitive readings are aimed to reacquaint you with - or validate - your own intuition to provide healing and guidance needed for you to personally grow and achieve progression on a soul level. Thus, a reading may focus on tools for personal soul growth to progress your current marriage to help deviate the trajectory away from divorce, for example. Or, if seeking marriage, personal changes your higher self feels you should enact to get yourself in the state to attract and meet the right person who will become your future husband.

If seeking a mediumship reading, set a private intention as to who you would like to connect with in spirit.  This intention can be done out loud and alone with yourself, or you may choose to mentally ask your loved ones to step forward for the reading.  This does not guarantee that your desired loved one(s) will be who we connect to for the reading, but it does put your energy of communication out there.  Nine times out of ten, the spirit person whom you are most hoping to hear from will connect during the reading, especially if you are grieving.  It is important, though, that you are open to hearing from others as well and that you don't dismiss them.

A successful mediumship reading relies on your full energetic engagement. Please ensure that you are not driving during your reading or attempting to hold another conversation at the same time. Do not have anyone else present for your reading, including in the background off camera or next to you listening in on a phone reading, unless you have purchased a multi-person reading. It changes the energy of the experience when people do that.

Keep an open mind about who may come through and be open to hearing from anyone from your immediate family members, to more distant acquaintances. Typically, if a more distant acquaintance connects for the reading, it will be to ultimately bring through someone closer to you, or to pop in with some evidence and a quick message/hello. This said, it is important to expand your horizon and mind to recall/place evidence beyond the spirit people closest to you.

If receiving an intuitive reading or intuitive information during a requested mixed reading, understand that you may need to digest and 'sit with' some of the information prior to making sense of, or applying, it. As humans, we often become disconnected from our own soul's  intuition. And if intuitive guidance was all intended to immediately validate itself, then we wouldn't need that guidance/reconnection in the first place.

When it comes to intuitive readings, it is important to keep an open mind and heart about the information our higher self feels is for our deepest and greatest good and growth. You may come to an intuitive reading really wanting to know about your career path, for example, but your higher self (soul) begins communicating about the tumultuous relationship you have with your living mother instead, how it has impacted you, and some healing work that is needed for you on a personal level internally. Your soul often goes deep, while we go surface level - and when we begin healing deeply, is when we actually begin achieving and receiving our surface level desires because we are in alignment. It is important to be open to such information coming forward, as trying to force away from it during a reading can be energetically difficult. Although, Mary will always work to feel into your desired area (i.e. such as your career path) prior to the reading concluding. 

Be prepared to either take notes or to have Mary record the reading (a paid add-on service of $11 at the time of booking).  If not having your reading recorded, you will absolutely want to take notes to ensure you remember everything about your reading - readings can sometimes move quickly and reading 'amnesia' is a real thing. You can jot quick notes down during the reading, or plan to take ten minutes immediately after the reading to write notes while the reading is still fresh in your mind.

Understand that there may be portions of your mediumship communication that you won't be able to immediately validate in the moment - this is also why notes are important.  Often times, these are the best types of evidence because asking your other living loved ones for the validation after the fact encourages you to learn even more about all of your family members, living and passed.  This can bring you even closer!  For example, perhaps you didn't know that your grandfather had a German Shepard growing up, or that your uncle proposed to your aunt and completely forgot all of the words he had planned to say.  Having such information confirmed by others after the reading can be powerful and healing to all involved.

Other things may not click in the moment, but become very obvious to you after you have had time to digest and reflect upon your reading experience. Our loved ones have an entire lifetime of earthly experiences, memories, and current life observations that they may bring up. Sometimes, it can be hard for the client to remember everything about the spirit person and themselves at the spur of the moment, especially when in the emotion of the moment/reading. Other times, your spirit loved ones may strategically choose pieces of evidence that are intended to make sense as time progresses - this is their way of continuing the communication with you after the medium has left the conversation.

Please do not bring an agenda to the reading. Please recognize that the spirit world is in control of your reading, and Mary is just the conduit.  Mary cannot control which spirit loved ones show to connect first, let alone what they choose to share.  For example, you may be hoping to hear that your grandmother was at your son's birthday party last week, but she may choose to bring up your specific and current medical issues as a communication of support instead.  Being aware of the lack of control is important, because it can be too easy to miss very poignant, evidential, meaningful communication from your loved ones if your mind is stringently focused on them bringing in a certain piece of information or a certain person.

Please do not book a reading if your sole intent is to hear just one piece of information or to receive answers about a passing or loved one's unknown circumstances that cannot be validated as evidential. Mary is not a psychic detective - there are others in the field that specialize in this who may be better suited to help you.

It is not uncommon for a more removed spirit person to come through first and then bring through the person you truly want to hear from 2nd or 3rd (i.e. your grandfather whom passed when you were three may connect first, and then bring through your father, whom you were truly hoping to hear from).  This is common because it truly validates the process (i.e. if evidential information can be given for a person you yourself didn't even know well, that only further validates the legitimacy of the communication with your father).  This also demonstrates the support that your dearest loved one has on the other side.

With the aforementioned all stated, if the first half of your reading has concluded and the spirit person you were truly hoping to hear from has not yet come forward, Mary will usually be able to connect if you provide her with the relationship (i.e. if you say, "dad" or "husband").  Although this is not absolutely 100% guaranteed, she will always try for you and is successful the majority of the time. Please note: that particular person not stepping forward on their own first does not mean he/she isn't present for the reading, it just means that other loved one's energies blended easier with Mary's energy because of Mary's energetic level/components that day, that there were other messages he/she wanted you or other living people to hear first, that the spirit world wanted you to know how surrounded he/she is by other spirit loved ones, or any other number of reasons.

Children typically always come through with an adult loved one.  Thus, if you have lost a child, the adult(s) will come through first and bring your child forward after their initial communication.  This also often happens with adult children - a family elder will come through first, and bring your adult child forward.

If a spirit person comes through whom you absolutely do not want to hear from (i.e. for distressing reasons regarding your relationship), please let Mary know and she will disconnect from that person.  Please note, however, that it can be difficult to pick up a brand new link in this situation (although, Mary will try).  Also, it is important to remember that the spirit person is 100% coming through for a purpose, most often for apologies and healing on both planes.

Keep your mind on the living, as well.  Evidence is often about living people.  For example, your grandmother in spirit may wish to recognize your living child by bringing up his/her birthdate, or your husband in spirit may wish to bring up what you had to eat for dinner before the reading.

Rarely, Mary will begin by physically describing a living person with dementia, Alzheimer's, or another extremely mind-altering illness who is still living. This does not mean that the person has transitioned, but it may be that this person's soul wishes to communicate. Please keep your mind open to this, but if it makes you uncomfortable, please let Mary know as well.

Your loved ones will not predict your future, nor will Mary in a concrete nature.  It is not uncommon for a spirit loved one to provide advice, but it is just that: advice, much like they would give you if they were still here on the earth plane with you.  Please remember, however, that you have always had, and still have, your own free will.

Mary will be happy to reschedule a reading for any reason if she is contacted 24 hours in advance.  Every reasonable accommodation will be given to reschedule your appointment for as soon as possible.  Cancelled appointments will result in the forfeiture of 50% of your appointment fee - no exceptions.  No-shows will forfeit the full appointment fee.

If either you or Mary feel that an energetic match is not present between the two of you and/or that a validated connection with spirit is not being made within the first ten minutes of your reading, either party may terminate the appointment and your payment will be refunded.  Beyond ten minutes, there are no refunds and no exceptions.

Most importantly, please be sure to practice gratitude and respect towards the spirit world and the spirit people.  They work just as hard to communicate to you through Mary as Mary does to do so with them.  Remember that they are there for you, no matter what their relationship is to you, and that the communication is borne out of never-ending love!

Legal Disclaimer: Mary is not a physician, attorney, psychological professional, or financial professional.  Sometimes a loved one may wish to acknowledge these types of specific situations as evidential information and/or to communicate their love and support.  Any actions that you take as a result of your reading are entirely up to you.  By law, Mary's readings are for entertainment purposes only and cannot take the place of any of the aforementioned relevant qualified experts. Readings from Mary are for guidance only and Mary does not and cannot take responsibility for your personal judgement, choices, or actions.

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