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We ALL have the ability to communicate with the other side...
but...when is it real??? How can you learn to trust yourself?

There ARE ways to grow your trust in your own communication with spirit loved ones.


21-Page Guide Includes:

How loved ones in spirit communicate with you
Five techniques to differentiate between spirit communication with your own loved ones and your own imagination, WITH examples
✅ Explanation/discussion of how and why we can all communicate with spirit loved ones
✅ Links to other resources, including some free

"Learn To Differentiate Between Communication From Spirit Loved Ones & Your Imagination"

Written, & Designed by Mary Kathleen Evidential Psychic Medium LLC

Mary has been working professionally as an evidential psychic medium and animal communicator since 2019, having spent time in mediumship development prior to that. It is one of her largest passions to help awaken everyday people to the innate abilities of their own souls and to teach them that, they too, can communicate with their own loved ones without the need for a psychic medium. She wants to help more people gain healing from learning that their relationships with loved ones did not end after physical death, and through realizing that they only change form. As Mary says, "I am on a journey. A journey to awaken as many people as possible to the potentials of their own souls. And that journey includes the capability of soul-to-soul communication."

Have you:

✅Been experiencing things you can't explain, either with a loved one you're grieving or with spirit from the other side in general?

✅Been trying to reach out to a loved one on the other side, but doubting your efforts?

✅Been questioning whether communicating with the other side is even possible, or trying to talk yourself out of it being possible?

✅Been feeling the intuitive tug to learn more about your own capabilities as a soul and/or an energetic being?

✅Found yourself experiencing a spiritual awakening and you're looking to connect some dots?

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