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"Mary just gave the most incredible reading to my sisters and I!  Absolutely spot on!  I was in tears.  We are so beyond thankful and grateful for her gift.  We needed so badly to hear the messages she delivered to us today.  We needed to hear them so we could begin to heal.  It's been so hard on us to lose our mom.  We have been so lost without her.  It's only been 5 months and Mary was able to connect with her so clearly!  Together they communicated in the most amazing way!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mary.  You are a true angel.  We will never forget you."

Sarah G.

"Mary, you are a miracle.  I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity to connect with my dad and talk to him.  You provided a lot of details and messages from him, his way of behavior, speech and sense of humor.  By your help my heart is calm now and I'm hopeful and encouraged by the words of my father.  Now I know that he is with me and he is supporting me, and no matter what I can lean on him.  Thank you a million times!"

Angelina B.

"I just had an amazing reading from Mary.  She connected with my mom and she was spot on right down to my mom's final message and quote.  Thank you so much!"

Jackie T.

"Deep gratitude to Mary for a fabulous reading!  The clarity in receiving and conveying astounding evidence from my loved one was awe inspiring and the message heart warming.  Truly an amazing experience.  Thank you!"

Paula D.

"Mary connected with my big sister for me and wow...what a beautiful experience!  There were details she could not have known any other way than via a genuine mediumship connection.  Thank you Mary for using your gift to bring me so much peace!"

Linda G.

"Mary did an outstanding job of connecting with my grandparents today!  She confirmed very specific memories that I had with them in the past as well as confirming events happening right now with my family and even an upcoming wedding!  There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Mary has an amazing ability to connect with spirit, and I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family."

Andrea H.

"A heartfelt thank you to Mary for an overwhelmingly beautiful mediumship reading. Mary's warm and calm personality was a wonderful welcome, as I experienced my first-ever reading with her last week. Mary's evidentiary messages were clear and accurate, making it feel like my loved ones were sitting with me/us during the reading. I will treasure my session and the messages always. I can't recommend Mary enough. She is truly gifted and I'm so grateful for having crossed paths with her! Thank you so very much, Mary."

Suzanne T.

"I took some time to digest everything you said from my reading, including watching it back several times. There were things I missed that should have rang a bell for me when you mentioned it, but I was just like a sponge soaking everything you said in and trying to process it all. I'd also like to add you were awesome, I've had a few readings before you and nothing compared to how spot on you were. Your kindness, compassion and sense of humor helped me as I went through so many emotions that night. You are the real deal and I was grateful you read for me the way you did. I am definitely going to reach out again. When someone loses a child it can be an obsession with getting readings, but thanks to you I know my son hears me "talk to him ALL the time". You are truly gifted. Thank you so much!! You are the best!!."

Josie S.

"I recently had a reading with Mary. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for her kindness during the reading. She was able to help me connect with my son who passed the end of last year. There is no doubt in my mind that she was speaking to him and letting us know he is ok. I feel this weight released from inside me. She validated so many things for me. I am truly honored to have worked with her. Thank you again, Mary."

Susan H.

"The reading last night was what I needed to move through a difficult point in my life. It was so helpful to have the evidence that my wife is still with me and supporting me even though I can't see her. It was a great relief and I am grateful to you for the experience."

Lacey W.

"I have reached out to Mary Kathleen three times for a reading, and each time she made us feel more connected to my husband.  The first time I contacted Mary Kathleen, it was just three months since my 47-year-old husband died from cancer, and I was consumed with grief.  She brought so much to me during that reading that I felt a strong connection to his spirit and a great sense of relief that he was nearby. Without telling her our story, she brought pieces of us out during our first session that no one would or could have possibly known.  Although, I cried for a long time following that session, I woke up the next day with a feeling of peace and calmness that allowed me to grieve in a new way, knowing that his spirit was close to me. I would never have known or realized that without reaching out to Mary Kathleen.  Even my grief therapist saw a shift in my grieving process, and to this day, I strongly believe it is because of Mary Kathleen and her ability to connect to our loved ones that allowed me to accept his death and forge a new path for my daughter and I.  Before my session with Mary Kathleen, I cant say that I was a believer.  I had no expectations going into that session, but left with a feeling of peace, and a connection that I will always have in my collection of memories.  Thank you, Mary Kathleen."

Michelle D.

"My reading with Mary was my first experience with a medium and I didn't know what to expect. Mary has such a calming presence over the phone that instantly put me at ease and I was not disappointed. She immediately connected in spirit with my grandma, which is exactly what I had hoped for. The messages shared were what I needed and hoped to hear and I truly felt like I had the chance to visit with my grandma through Mary. I was in awe for days afterwards and so grateful that people like Mary exist and work to share their gifts with the rest of us. Thank you Mary!"

Felicia C

"I have started this review so many times following my reading with Mary but it is hard to find words that will do it justice. It was the most wonderful gift to receive...reassurances, messages, validations, and a birthday message from my Mum! I will treasure this experience, I am so thankful to my loved one who recommended Mary and to Mary for the reading, it was incredible! It is true too, that even if something that comes through in the reading doesn't always ring a bell in that moment, it made sense to me the very next day! It was like a light bulb being switched on but instead it was a treasured message from my Mum...she is seeing it all! This is the gift that keeps giving you joy and comfort and, Mary, I cannot thank you enough, for sharing your gift with me and my family, to bring us comfort as we try to find our way now that my Mum has passed away .. we could feel that she was close to us but this has only further reassured us and that other loved ones who have passed away are with us too. Thank YOU!"

Louise W.

"Mary was able to connect and experience my mom's goofball self earlier. I am so lucky to have had her read for my sisters and I. She was so spot on it made me cry, laugh, and had goosebumps too! It felt like my mom was right there next to me while we were talking. I've been struggling a lot since she's passed and have dealt with so much since my mom passed its unbelievable, but she shed some love and light today and helped me receive a message that I've really needed. I cant thank you enough. You have no idea how much this has meant to me and just how much it's helping me. You truly are a blessing."

Rebecca R.

"Mary read for me today, the information she passed through was truly amazing.  I don't know how she knew any of it, I'd highly recommend this lady to anyone.  Thank you so much for your time and sharing your gift."

Eimear N.

"Mary did a medium reading for me and I couldn't believe how accurate she was.  My best friend came through who passed away and it was like I was talking to him.  He also validated that he was with our other friend who passed away after him.  She even said his name and everything.  It made me feel so good to know they are together and having fun up there.  She is so talented, there was no way she would have known the things she did.  Recommend 100%!"

Brittany W.

"Had a reading this afternoon off the lovely Mary, she brought through my dad when I needed it most and everything was spot on, you really uplifted me.  Thank you so much, highly recommend."

Laura M.

"Mary gave me an amazing reading with my Poppa (grandfather) and my son whom I had recently lost. She brought through both their personalities and I could feel their love through her words. I highly recommend Mary to anyone who needs comfort from their loved ones on the other side."

Katy M.

"Just had a wonderful reading with lots of evidence. Truly a great connection. She brought up my husband's dark tan.  His favorite tan chair.  His smoking.  His father Johnny.  It makes the connection so real when you hear details only you know.  Thanks so much for this reading it made me feel so good to know he's always with me."

Mindy M.

"Mary was able to tell me things about my mom that she couldn't have known. She also told me things I wanted the answer to. I've had many different readings through the years. She is the best I've talked to!"

Phyllis K.

"I had the pleasure of getting a reading from Mary and all I can say is wow. A woman with genuine gifts, not only was she able to connect with my loved ones but shared very descriptive and personal information that literally no one knows except close family. She is doing the work that she was meant to do on this earth and I am so eternally grateful she shared her gift to bring me a sense of support and closure that I needed. I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to getting another reading from her again in the future." 

Brenna G.

"Mary is THE REAL DEAL!  I can't thank you enough for my 2 readings with you.  Your energy is so bright and positive that it put me in such a good place.  You brought validation that NO ONE would know about my husband and I except for him. It was truly like I was talking to him. I have them recorded and listen to them a lot. Some things may not have made sense at the time, but they do now! I am beyond blessed to have met you and thank you so much for sharing your BEAUTIFUL gift!"

Mallory G.

"Thank you Mary for being the conduit between me and my deceased family members. The experience left me shaking...literally. So many isolated details were raised that only family would know. Some of the puzzling dots were connected today when I could process the info again, speak to relatives or remember significance of dates, items, names. The combination of childhood memories with spirit's knowledge of current day situations was actually mind boggling when reviewed today. Most importantly, the reading confirmed the 'presence' I have felt for these same departed loved ones in daily life. It was nice to add 'color' to that affirmation!"

Noreen J.

"Mary connected with my Grandma tonight. Mary also connected with my beloved Great Dane. My Grandma has left signs for many family members since her passing, and now I have mine. She is with my beautiful, gentle giant, Bella, and still seems to be taking care of those of us still in earthly form. I am eternally grateful, Mary." Updated Review: "Mary, I don't know why it took me so long to share the replay of your reading with my Mom, Dad, and Aunt. I think because I wanted this reading to be 'mine' for awhile. The look on my Mom's face while listening validated this reading wasn't for ME. It was for all of us. Thank you, again."

Amy L.

"I met with Mary to connect with my late husband. The experience was comforting and validating for me. It affirmed that even though he is not here with me physically, we most definitely remain connected on a spiritual level that cannot be broken. I am grateful for having found her and having the opportunity to have a reading with her. Thank you!"

Jennifer S.

"Thank you, Mary Kathleen - for the incredible reading. You brought my parents through with such exacting clarity. Details so specific that I knew instantly they were there/here. It left me wanting more time. As this is my first Christmas without both of them, the feeling of loss has been profound. Thank you for giving me a 'hug from heaven', and showing me that their spirits watch over me. What a brilliant experience. Thank you."

Patricia G.

"I had a very good, confirming reading from Mary Kathleen. Especially poignant was the assurance that my loved one expresses endless gratitude for the care received, acknowledging that I was very dedicated....and also the red t-shirt was a special confirmation. My youngest daughter was so happy that her dad was present at her daughter's birth. She is very attuned to spirit and energy and feels him often. No, I have to pay better attention to my hair....and plant some pink flowers! Thank you so much. I will be reserving an in-person appointment in fall."

Penny A.

"Mary did a reading for me a couple days ago. Wow! My best friend had only been passed 8 days, but she still came through and that was thanks to Mary. I really needed it today too. She gave me lots of clarification and evidence that it was indeed my best friend. You are truly amazing and I would love to have more readings off you in the future.  Thank you so much."

Tarnia G.

"I had an amazing mediumship reading by Mary Kathleen. She connected with my grandparents who communicated very specific information to me. Thank you."

Vanessa S.

"I had a great reading with Mary just now connecting to my sister. You made my heart happy. Thank you very much for taking the time to connect with her."

Patricia S.

"I'm so grateful for the reading I had with Mary Kathleen. With the holidays coming I was extremely depressed and questioning every decision I've made since my husband's sudden passing last January. Mary was able to connect with my husband and validate that he's with us, and that the love we share will never fade. It was amazing to connect with my cousin that passed as well. There was so much validation that really blew my mind. She was also able to connect with my grandfather and everything was so spot on. Since the reading I'm able to accept that it's okay to go on and enjoy the happy moments in life and not feel guilty. Knowing he wants us to live life and will be guiding us through always helps. Thank you so much for the amazing reading just a FaceTime has helped in my healing in a tremendous way."

Nicole L.

"I had a reading from Mary. A lot of evidence for my grandma came through, and my grandma brought my dad in to Mary, who I really needed to hear from. The message I received from them is spot on and I'm pleased they are still with me. Thank you so much, it has really helped me knowing they are okay."

Kirstie Z.

"I had my first private session. It answered so many questions. My husband came through and was spot on. My mind was blown, how she was able to answer so many questions. I would totally tell everyone I know how amazing she is. Thank you so much!"

Kimberly S.

"Mary connected to my grandmother for me.  She was very accurate about me not liking spiders and I knew she connected to my grandmother as she was able to confirm she had Parkinson's Disease and my grandfather's passing. Thank you for connecting for me today as I really needed to know they are with me as I've been going through a lot."

Sheena S.

"I can't thank Mary Kathleen enough for such an amazing experience in connecting with my loved ones. Mary Kathleen is so calming and has a gentle demeanor. During the reading, she really helped me to feel comfortable and open to receiving whatever would come. I was most interested in connecting with my mom who suddenly passed in 2017. Once Mary Kathleen confirmed that it was indeed my mom, I knew that everything would be ok. My heart is full just thinking about how relieved and overjoyed I was to know she was there and 'sees' me. I feel like I can breathe again and that a weight has been lifted off of me. I am looking forward to another reading in the near future."

Tracie J.

"This past week, I treated myself to a reading with Mary Kathleen for my birthday.  I was hoping to connect with my beloved boyfriend who passed away unexpectedly eight months ago.  Mary Kathleen and I did not discuss who I was trying to reach or the circumstance or timing of his death, and she did not know any personal information about me before we started the session.  That being said, Mary Kathleen was able to connect with boyfriend and was extremely accurate with the things that she relayed to me.  She was able to provide information that only he and I shared.  To my surprise, she told me that he was with his beloved cousin who had passed over 20 years ago (provided accurate details that were specific to him).  Based on her communication, I have no doubt that he was telling me that he is not alone, which gave me great comfort.  If you are hoping to connect with someone who has passed, I strongly recommend Mary Kathleen.  She does a wonderful job explaining what will happen in her session, is very kind (this is an emotional experience), and was extremely accurate in her reading.  In short, the session was exactly what I was hoping for and I will definitely be booking another reading in the future."

Anya F.

"Mary did an amazing reading for me in just 20 mins. My mom, grandfather, and uncle came thru. She validated many things. She gave me soothing messages from my mom. She called out dates, names, just things she couldn't possibly have known before. Also, she told me things previous mediums have told me in the past. I truly believe our loved ones are still with us and believe we will see them again! Thanks MK!"

Maria P.

"I cannot say enough about my experience with Mary Kathleen. It was my first time trying a group reading. I went back and forth for a long time before I decided to sign up. The names 'Mary' and 'Kathleen' have significance for me, so when I saw that she and Nicole were doing a group reading, I took it as a sign to attend. I thought I would feel self-conscious when it was my turn to be read. However, I could immediately feel Mary Kathleen and Nicole's warmth and positivity and I was at ease. Surprisingly, I loved the experience of the group reading. I shed tears as others had emotional readings and I loved the connection it brought. The messages Mary Kathleen gave me were very accurate and clear. And she exudes warmth in her delivery. I am so thankful she uses her gift to help others like me. I truly cannot wait for my next reading."

Lauren T.

"Thank you. It was a pleasure to hear my husband through you. You were very insightful when it came to explaining the process. There were several things validated such as what he drove, and him acknowledging our baby boy who recently started to walk. And of course, his love for the kids and I. I would definitely book an appointment again, and recommend you."

Jackie G.

"My son and I sat with Mary Kathleen last night [for an intuitive/psychic soul reading]. We were both kinda finally stuck...not sure which way to go, etc. Not only did she hit on everything going on here in the last few years, but she nailed more than one thing...out..of...the...park! My son said...I knew she'd say that when she brought up a 'potential' girlfiend of his, and a guy friend he was wanting to meet up with in FL later this year! A few family members even 'popped' in! Oh, and that aunt..with that 'heart of stone' reference...well, that is to a tombstone she wanted to be placed in! Long story short, Mary Kathleen is fabulous! I'll be back for sure. Many thanks for everything!"

Eileen C.

"I had a reading last night with Mary. She brought through my husband's uncle. Some things were so spot on, they made me cry. Other things resonated with my husband. Some we are not sure of, but he was loved by SO many people it could have been something to do with them. This was my first time doing a reading like this. Thank you for the great experience."

Claire A.

"This was my first experience with a medium and I can honestly say it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I was partially skeptical but based upon the strong connection I had with my brother while he was living, I was hoping to connect with him and receive signs of affirmation that only he and I would know. Mary was able to convey his personality so well that I felt as if I was sitting in the room with him.  Even the relatives who brought him forward supported the authenticity of this experience.  It was according to my niece, 'The best birthday ever'. [Two person reading]. It was much needed and gave me great peace to know he is okay by his own accord. I will cherish this experience forever."

Selena J.

"Everything was great! There is nothing you could have done better to make the experience better - it was 10/10! The session was fantastic. You really hit a lot of accurate things about my grandad, things no way you could have known without a gift from God.  It meant a lot to me that you were able to communicate so well with him and give us comfort/closure."

Lauren D.

"I had a very comforting reading with Mary a few weeks ago. She was so sweet and kind. She helped me intuitively to piece together some relationship struggles I have been having with my father and sister. She was incredibly accurate in the details of the spirits, but also with my dad, who is still living. I have followed Mary on Facebook and Instagram for a few months now. What she writes and shares can help people through grief and comfort their soul."

Jamie D.

"I had my first session with Medium Mary Kathleen yesterday and I was not disappointed in any way, shape, or form.  The information and validation that she brought through to me from spirit was spot on, concise, and quite unbelievable.  She brought through my Grandpa and Dad and said to me so many things that no one else knows, not even close friends and family members.  The information she provided was given in a clear and concise manner; there was no guessing or 'fishing'.  She is a kind, beautiful, and gentle soul that has a true gift.  She is here to help us heal and let us know that, yes, we do go on and there is more to life that what we see every day.  Mary Kathleen is one of the kindest and most pure people I have ever come across.  She is a true Earth Angel and is the first and last medium anyone should see.  Thank you again for the service you provided for me; I am most grateful."

Melissa B.

"Mary Kathleen, I want to thank you for a truly brilliant 2nd reading last Sunday. I'm still on a high of processing and pondering all the messages and metaphors that came through. Many things were very personal between my lost loved ones and myself, but you presented them so clearly, even if they were a bit unexpected or strange - so I could then pick up the meaning in a context that made sense to me. It was very powerful. And all that was followed up by a dream last night that seemed to follow on with further clarity of those special symbols that he knew I'd understand. I hadn't expected you would bring through other members of my family that all had something unique to convey. It wasn't just the messages and images, but the way you actually described even their gestures, posture, mannerisms & personalities that rang so true and unmistakably them. It was such a helpful experience that has helped my grieving process. I felt the communication rang true and was comforting and so helpful. Thank you again, you have a very special gift. I look forward to connections in the future."

Margie R.

"Mary gave the best reading I've ever had. She was spot on and even used the same language and words that I used with my Dad. I wanted to know if my Dad approved of a 'purchase' I was considering. She said he held up a big dollar bill and then saw a black car and a red bow. When I went to pick up the black vehicle I had [already] picked out, it had a huge red bow on it!"

Jamie M.

Wow!" My husband and I had our first reading with Mary Kathleen! We were super excited and she didn't disappoint us at all!!! She surprised us with who came through! Our dog, Copper, was the 1st connection. Every connection she made...she was SPOT ON! The details were explicit...not vague things. I even got a message from a girlfriend for her family! Her mom was able to acknowledge everything! My husband got most of the time, which was fine with me! I can't wait to do this again!"

Eileen C.

"Our call last night was truly a turning point for me that I had been waiting to experience all my life. It did wonders for me and put so many of my doubts to rest. I can now live a life with far better clarity of where my loved ones in spirit stand in my life, and how they never really left at all. I am overjoyed with the amount of closure you were able to provide for me, you are truly a gift from God and to call you talented would not give you justice. You have provided me with so much comfort and so much enthusiasm for my future knowing what I know now. I truly appreciate you and your gift. Thank you thank you thank you. I can't wait to book again."

Itzchel V.

"Since I was so blown away with our 1st reading...we decided to gift a reading to my mother-in-law. Once again, details that could not be Googled were given to us. We just love her! The 1st person to come through blew us away because, in life, she didn't believe in mediums, plus it was against her religious beliefs. You have to try Mary Kathleen out!! She gave us such hope and comfort too. I honestly can't say enough to convince you, but we will treasure that night forever! God bless you! I appreciate the time you gave us away from your own family during such a crazy time! Forever grateful!"

Eileen C.

"I've been trying to find the words to express my gratitude for our reading on Thursday night. It gave us both comfort knowing our son is at peace. Your talent is a true blessing to others and we're honored to have been able to speak with you. You can absolutely share our experience with others as we will be also. We look forward to speaking to you again as the comfort you gave us is priceless and you shared things that no one else would have known."

Cindy C.

"Thank you so much for another amazing class. I can't get enough learning from you! Your energy is so warm and inviting and genuine. I appreciate you for opening your world to us."

Meagan D.

"During the most difficult and painful time of my life, Mary has been able to bring me great comfort as she has connected with my beloved fiancé who passed away unexpectedly. I know that she was able to reach him as she was able to describe him and his loving personality quite accurately. She shared things about his personal struggles that were 100% correct. I know that she reached him as she was able to tell me that he was with his father and with his best friend who died tragically many years ago. Although I am heartbroken by the fact that my fiancé has passed, it is comforting to be able to hear him with Mary's help and for that I will be eternally grateful."


"Getting a reading from Mary was something that I got out of curiosity. I went in without any questions, and I got to hear several messages about/from my father that gave me so much peace and clarity about my own feelings regarding his passing. There was also a lot of insight about how I can keep myself balanced in the future, and affirmations that I'm on the right track. The experience was so enlightening, and I'd absolutely love to do it again. Mary is so kind and calm and I'd recommend her to anyone who is looking for a medium or intuitive reader!"

Laura G.

"I cannot thank you enough for the reading this past weekend. As a self professed cynic, I never expected to be sitting across a zoom screen listening to someone give 'inside knowledge' of my relationship with the departed love of my life. It was beyond anything I've ever experienced. But your evidential mediumship is exactly what I needed in order to truly begin my spiritual journey (that yes, my loved one knew that I am on edge of). I am so glad I received the recording as well; I went back through the recording multiple times and discovered additional pieces of evidence that I would have otherwise forgotten since they didn't seem relevant in the moment. I reached out to other family members who immediately confirmed additional evidence. Absolutely amazing. This experience confirmed what I already knew in my heart; love is enduring. And that he is still very present in my life. Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart for giving me such a profound experience. You put so much love and energy into your work and I am forever grateful for what you have given me."

Jen A.

"Mary thank you so much for your role in connecting me to my loved ones last night. I have no doubt that they were gathered around me and trying very hard to assure me of their presence both last night and in supporting my everyday life. They were definitely successful. I sure have missed them, but perhaps just a little bit less today. As you said, some things became clearer this morning that escaped me last night. But 99% of everything you shared resonated with me as unique to each of them. I understood perfectly that it was indeed them. It's very comforting to know that they live on in another plane/dimension but seem to know what's going on here and try to support us as much as they can. I will reacg out to you again in a few months, until then thank you so much for this experience."

Nancy M.

"My reading with you yesterday was seriously such an amazing experience! I can't thank you enough for doing what you do! It was so surreal to be connected to my grandma who had only passed a week before, who brought in who I was ultimately trying to hear from. First of all you really touched in on my grandma's personality and how she was, I knew it was her! The messages from my sister's partner were so fun to hear and you really picked up on his sense of humor that he was infamous for and that really was heartwarming! Since our reading my sister has been able to validate more things you mentioned with a few pictures she sent me! So surreal! I hope to have you connect with my loved ones again someday in the future and will certainly recommend you to any family and friends who would benefit from a reputable medium! Thanks again for your time and an I experience I won't ever forget!"

Angel L.

"The intuitive session with Mary was spot on and helped me understand the basis to some feelings I have been struggling to sort out for a while. The session definitely brought clarity to a topic that I was not expecting. Things make more sense now."

Donna H.

"Hi Mary Kathleen! You read for me and my mom Saturday morning and I cannot even BEGIN to explain how wonderful it was. I was drawn to your warm energy and knew I was making the right decision when I booked with you. I still could not have been more than blown away, especially for both our first readings ever. Thank you times infinity for sharing your gift! We look forward to speaking again soon."

Megan D.

"My intuitive reading with Mary Kathleen was incredibly powerful. I felt comfortable and secure with the validations she shared, which allowed me to make reflections during the call. Her information was spot on; didn't miss a beat and even exposed additional, deeper layers I wasn't expecting. I am eager to continue reflecting on my experience with her and use the information to continue healing as I work through what has been a very emotional journey. She was welcoming of my questions and I appreciated her genuineness and authenticity."

Lindsay T.

"Mary helped me connect with my boyfriend who recently passed away unexpectedly. I had some hesitancy, which immediately subsided as Mary was able to connect with him right away and he provided messages through her to validate who he was, what I meant to him, and that he is still very present in my everyday life. It was an extraordinary experience that brought me so much peace, comfort, & happy tears...after spending weeks in the most serious mourning and grief. Mary has a true gift and I am so grateful that she shared it with me."

Caralea T.

"Compelled by my very powerful initial reading with Mary a few months ago, I eagerly scheduled another. I had no specific agenda in mind this time, but she identified major aspects of my life during this reading; everything from a recent promotion at work - to multiple family aspects - to romance. The specifics she nailed down were absolutely incredible beyond description and I had no doubt she was talking about the situations I had in mind. One of the biggest moments that made me smile was when Mary mentioned I had recently bought myself something/a gift as a treat ... just a week prior to my reading, a dress that I splurged on (I'm typically not a dress person, but when I saw this one I knew I HAD to have it) had arrived in the mail. The evening it arrived, I had tried it on and danced around! Knowing that Mary connected with this energy of mine was absolutely heartwarming. Mary is always professional, relatable and endearing. She has a customer for life!"

Lindsay T.

"Mary Kathleen brought through my grandma, grandfather, and husband. She has a very sweet, open, and welcoming energy so right away I felt comfortable. My grandma told her things that only family would know and my husband did his best to show her just how intelligent he is. What Mary can do is really special and I'm grateful for our time we had. If you're grieving, I'd highly suggest booking a reading with Mary."

Whitney A.

"It truly was an amazing experience today and I cannot thank you enough for your reading. It means the world to me to know that my father is still with me and everything you talked about was so incredibly accurate that all I could do was cry after our session...but not tears of sorrow, more tears of relief knowing that my dad and my grandfather are with me and I'm constantly surrounded by their love. Your gift is so amazing and I am so grateful for the gift you gave me today. Thank you so much!!"

Amelia P.

"I just finished our reading and am just blown away. I have had many readings [with other mediums] and have never ever cried the way I did with you. The details you told me were unbelievable. I had asked my father questions in my meditation/prayers to him since he passed and you came through with him so he could answer them. I needed to hear everything he told me tonight. It has healed a part of me and filled a void in me since he passed. I will hold onto these messages forever. I cannot wait to come to you again."

Rose C.

"You hit on so much that has honestly blew me away. I will guard this reading as a path to guide in my grief journey and regain my inner strength. I will definitely be reaching out again. You have a gift."


"I somehow stumbled upon your page on IG and immediately felt called to book a reading which is unusual for me to say the least. I tried to ignore it coming up with various excuses to myself because again, I'm not typically looking for readings when cruising IG. But then you posted mini reading availabilities and I couldn't ignore the voice in my head telling me to book it. All I can say is that I was absolutely blown away. You mentioned specific relationships (uncle, mother in law, husband), specific names and the exact date my son was just born on. You described emotions I was feeling about certain situations with undeniable accuracy. You are 100% the real deal and a true gift. Thank you for sharing your talents."

Amber M.

 "Personally, I can say that you have given me so much more than I could have ever expected!! My Goodness. Including clarity on how spirit communicates in its infinite wisdom, so that I too may interpret the information I receive directly. I felt blessed by having the opportunity to hear from not one, but both of my grandmothers, and was stunned to receive such detailed communication from them that only I would know to be really from them. I also received true and deep freedom from an entanglement with a particularly challenging situation. I had been trying to reach that level of freedom on my own, but it was beautifully delivered to me through your reading! What a blessing and a miracle."

Andrea G.

"I was nervous thinking about it [Mediumship For Beginners 4-Week Course] but decided to do it and wow! It was amazing. I learned tools and feel like my skills developed more. I learned great ways to meditate and to further connect with spirit. I definitely recommend this course, and will definitely be taking the next course if another one becomes available. Again, I'm eternally thankful for you and your gifts and knowledge. I've recommended a few of my friends now to you, and all of them have been blown away. Mediumship is such a beautiful way to deal with grief and accept certain things. Thanks again, Mary!"

Sara P.

"I recently had a session with Mary and it was truly one of the best I've ever had. She is so gifted, sweet and honest. Do yourself a kindness and book a session with this incredible medium. You won't regret it!"

Tracey B.

"I finally had the opportunity to be read by Mary Kathleen and she did not disappoint. I was able to be connected with many family members including my grandfather, father-in-law, father, and most importantly my 6 month old son. Mary Kathleen was able to connect me to my son in such a way that it brought me so much peace. I was able to know that he was being loved and cared for by my relatives on the other side. I was given specific details that only my husband and I would know. I would highly recommend using Mary Kathleen for any type of reading. My only regret is not getting a longer reading."

Michele D.

"This week I had my 2nd reading with you. The first was so raw and close to my loss. This time I was able to open up and be more attentive. Both times, have been incredibly healing for me. Knowing that he is safe. You have brought out his personality so well. Even the small things that most people wouldn't know. You shared stories of private moments I had recently, that I didn't tell anyone. Also moments where I thought I felt him, but wasn't sure. You gave me a description of the time, so I knew it was him. Thank you for your caring and wonderful spirit. You bring such light into this world. I am honored to have worked with you twice.

Susan H.

"Thank you very much for sharing your gift with me. The love and respect you showed to those who came through was clear throughout the reading. You captured the essence of my loved ones and shared things that only they could know. There are no words for me to adequately express my gratitude to you...but Thank You! Your reading was my Christmas gift to myself and was worth every penny!!"

Suzanne S.

"Thank you so much, Mary Kathleen, for the most profound reading. I was so happy and sad to be able to have you bring forward my parents and sister. You told me things that no one should know about my sister, except family members. I was overjoyed to hear that my dad was my biggest supporter even in the afterlife. And what you brought to me about my mom was just so true. I am a believer in the afterlife and your reading has certainly added to my belief. Thank you once again, and may God bless you."

Dorothy S.

"Thanks so much for such awesome messages from my mom and grandmom. You have brought us immense hope to live. All the messages delivered by you were spot on, we felt like we were directly talking to my mom. We were electrified by the validations delivered by you from my mom. We always felt that she had never left our side. Your reading has confirmed our belief. Thanks so much for giving us a chance to talk to our mom after a long time, looking forward to having many readings with you."

Anjana S.

"The other day I had the most amazing mediumship reading with Mary. I was a little nervous, as it was my first reading, but Mary's calm and welcoming personality made it so enjoyable. She instantly connected to my grandparents and gave such great detail that it felt like they were talking to me directly. I am not sure why I waited so long, but I will cherish the reading forever. Mary, thank you for making healing a little bit easier!"

Morgan G.

"I have been so honored to work with you, and most importantly, grow and learn about myself through our calls. I am so blessed to have connected with you three times now. You have no idea how much you've helped me see the light through my windy path journey. I felt very at peace last night after our call with the decisions I've made and what has happened for me in my life. I felt your positive energy lift me up from my valley and see there's a way onto bigger, happier things through self love! I look forward to connecting again at some point in the future, after I've put some more work and love into myself!"

Lindsay T.

"I am so thankful that I booked a reading with Mary! She was able to communicate messages to me from my late father as well as my grandmothers which was so comforting to hear. She explains the process really well and is very clear with her communication. There were things that even after the fact made so much sense when I had some more time to process and think about everything. One thing that was so interesting is that my boyfriend's grandfather came through for a message and had some dog/army tags and she asked if I had any idea what that meant. I didn't know at that time but after my session, my boyfriend and I came home to find a valentine's day package from his mom with a special engraved dog tag for him. I enjoyed my session so much that my boyfriend gifted me one for my birthday and we did an intuitive reading, which focused more on career and life path. The information given was again spot on and I couldn't be more thankful to have booked readings with her. I highly recommend Mary Kathleen if you are considering having a reading whether mediumship, intuitive, or both! She is amazing, thanks again, Mary!"

Sara S.

 "My first reading with you was in January and I was blown away! My best friend had recently passed away in September and I was really hoping to connect with her. Of course she came through, and everything you said was spot on. I knew I was communicating with her spirit. Before the reading, I had grabbed a lock of hair I have of hers, and asked my best friend to bring it up in the reading, and sure enough - you did it! I had a lot of validation given that day and I now can certainly say my best friend is with me all the time still."

Sara P.

"Mary is a true beacon of light. Whether you are looking to connect with the spirit of a loved one who has passed on or are wanting to further explore your own spiritual nature and ability, Mary can help you achieve this with genuine truth, love, and compassion. Mary has the unique ability to explain and transform the complex, making it easier to come to an understanding of one's higher self and guide one, if they so wish, to the connection of spirit. Thank you so much for all you have done for me - you've truly helped me with my spiritual growth."

Christian M.

"I wanted to sincerely thank you so much for the amazing reading I had with you on Friday. I was needing to connect with my darling husband, and you brought him through so strongly. There were things you mentioned in my reading that no-one, and I mean no-one, except him, myself, and my children, would have ever known. The fact you also said specifically that I wear his wedding ring around my neck - even though it was under my shirt - it was amazing, and I am so in awe of your ability to connect us with our departed loved ones. I could certainly feel him in the room with me, as always, but sending the messages I needed to hear through you. This reading was amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Maree B.

"My session with Mary was very comforting and I left feeling like I was wrapped in a warm hug from family members who are no longer here. I am going thru the next stage of my life and Mary was able to connect with certain details that only I am aware of. She gave me clarity of the big picture with the help of my loved ones. It was amazing and I am thinking about planning my next session soon. Mary, thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with me."


"I was seriously so blown away by my reading with Mary. She validated connection with my loved ones in so many ways and provided me with valuable information that is relevant and needed in healing and bettering my life. I was amazed that she was able to pick up on specific dynamics between my parents and I, and the advice from my loved ones that accompanied it. It was exactly what I needed to hear & I would have never guessed that would have been the information to come through. I am very grateful for her energy and time."

Lacey K.

"My reading with Mary Kathleen was amazingly spot on and very emotional. Not only was she able to connect with my aunt and mom, [but] my grandma as well. I have had all of them on my mind lately and was grateful to know they are there and watching out for me and my family. She described them in only ways I would know. Before she connected with them, Mary Kathleen felt very strongly about a person in this world and I cannot begin to say how accurate she was with this intuitive reading; I shared what she said with my niece and we both cried for a long time. I will be booking another session soon. Mary Kathleen is truly blessed with a gift."

Marci R.

"You told me things that only I knew and things I never shared with anyone. That truly made me understand the powerful connection you had with [my loved one]. I know I cried throughout the reading. It was a combination of joy and sorrow. I was so happy we were able to communicate and that he was able to tell me the real story of what happened and how he felt about the circumstances. I felt his presence. More important, I never  truly understood how much he loved me and what he thought of me. I was so thrilled. More than anything, you helped me find peace and closure. I do believe God gave you a special gift. Thank you  for using your gift to help me. You are an incredible lady with a tremendous heart and willingness to help others. I got off the call with you and felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I spent the rest of the evening focusing on the powerful messages I received and felt a tremendous sense of relief. I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained but in a very positive way. In fact, I slept so well last night - the first time in 10 months."

Susan G.

"If you are considering Mary Kathleen's Mediumship For Beginner's course I encourage you to sign up! I was shy, nervous, and lacking confidence when I signed up, not to mention confused about the sensations and experiences I was having. I completed the coursework feeling confident and empowered. With Mary's lectures and exercises I've been able to gain the knowledge on what was so foreign to me but I knew I needed to know more. I am so excited to explore where this groundwork will take me and have Mary Kathleen to thank for helping me believe in myself.

Amber M.

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful reading. I really needed to hear from my mom and husband, as losing them is so new and very raw. Your gentle, patient, and kind demeanor, made me feel at ease and let me keep my heart and mind open. Your gift is just that, a tremendous gift to me and all who are able to come to you and have their loved ones use you as their voice to connect with us. I was amazed at everything coming out of your mouth. There's no way you could known any of the things said without my loved ones stepping forward and telling you. I shared our session with my husband's daughter and she too was blown away, but also felt the comfort you brought to me. You were my first medium, and I knew it was you I needed to help me from an overwhelming gut feeling I couldn't shake. I am so glad I listened to that little voice inside me. Thank you so much for an appointment full of light, love, and questions weighing heavy on my heart and soul answered. You are truly a good human and that's why, in my opinion, you have been blessed with your very special gifts. Thank goodness you have chosen to share them with us."

Belle W.

"Mary had a very soothing and warm presence throughout our session. She was able to connect me to family members with information about my life and losses that she couldn't possibly have known. Throughout our brief time together, she made me feel grounded and held with her comforting energy and thorough explanation of what she was experiencing, so that it could be best translated to me in a way that I understood and feel so grateful for in the aftermath of our reading. Mary does not use crystal balls or 'read the future' the way some intuitive healers may suggest -- she simply has a conversation with you, providing intimate details that serve as a comfort that our loved ones continue their journeys alongside us. I feel immense gratitude in knowing there are ways to access this truth and feel strongly that Mary is the real deal."

Lauren S.

"I've had two great mediumship readings with Mary. She confirmed specific things about my relationship with my fiancé that she couldn't possibly have known. I actually cried during our first session because I was so shocked. I am so grateful for the readings I had with her. I believe Mary is authentic and has a genuine gift. I would definitely recommend her to anybody."

Aishat L.

"Mary, I wanted to let you know that I've been reflecting a lot on the reading. It has lifted a huge burden in me knowing that my sister is near me and that she was thankful for the gift of time. After her passing, I went to grief therapy for a year, but on brief call with you did more to give me peace than all of those sessions. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for giving me the reassurance and clarity that I had been seeking. I truly feel that I'm surrounded by love."

Kay K.

"I would highly recommend Mary Kathleen as a medium. I have used several and she is my absolute favorite. She gave so many accurate, very specific details that made me feel so reassured. There is no way anyone who wasn't talking to my family members in spirit would ever know the things she told me. For the time spent, the number of details was really surprising. I think talking to her is better than therapy. I have referred quite a few people to her."

Julia T.

"Thank you for the reading today. I had called with specific questions but tried to be patient and follow your instruction to just listen to what spirit had to say/tell me that would be for my highest good. It took exercise of patience for sure :-) But it was worth it because it stopped me in my tracks when you not only answered all 3 questions without being asked or having any info, but also pinpointed the underlying issue that ties them all together. It wasn't easy to hear the intuitive guidance because there is more trauma work I have to do, instead of having an 'easy way out' but it's the truth. It brought tears and touched my heart for that very reason. Thank you."

Beti E.

"I can't tell you how helpful this reading was to me after losing my husband earlier this year to cancer. Just knowing his spirit is well gives me so much peace and comfort. During a time with so many personal unknowns, it was very reassuring to hear from my husband and beloved dog, who passed several months before my husband. I won't hestitate to recommend your gift to others who are struggling and missing their deceased loved ones, as this experience matches no other in reaching out to connect our hearts with them like we used to do. 


"We are so thankful for your gift. You are doing such important work. 'Thank you' doesn't do justice to the gratitude I feel for what you did for us yesterday and the healing power it had on our souls."

Eric V.

"Mary has given me the gift of comfort, healing, and hope when I needed it most. I could not have asked for a better experience with Mary. She was incredibly professional, compassionate, and kind. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Maria W.

"Mary is wonderful and I feel truly blessed to have come across her. I had a reading focused on my fur baby who passed a couple years ago that I've felt drawn to seek connection with again more recently. The reading was full of humor, love, clarity, and reassurance. Everything perfect to my pet's personality. One of my family members also popped in. It was really a special reading...and my first one. Most people in my life are very skeptical of mediumship but I knew it was what I needed to do. I highly recommend Mary due to her honesty, transparent, sensitivity, and gratitude. I was on the fence for months and am so glad I went for it. Especially if you are new to learning more about the spirit world, Mary provides a great opportunity if you're thinking of contacting a medium. I look forward to working with her again and hope you take the leap!"

Lydia S.

"Mary, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I started following you on Instagram a week before my world turned upside down and since then I look forward to your posts every single day u have absolutely no idea how much you have helped me through my grief! I'm still in shock over our 2 readings I still am trying to write you a review that puts into words how much u have helped and also the stuff u told me no else could have known. Ur crazy talented and also just a super nice understanding person. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Linda C.

"Oh yes, so much evidential info!!! After rewatching the video, every part of your reading makes sense to me. I only have to look further into the number 14. It is possible the number of years she & my husband had together, or her real birthday. [...] There is absolutely NO doubt now that she is with me and I have felt such comfort since your reading. You have given me permission to fully believe and trust that she is with me. I was surprised at the evidence Abbie used, the things she picked surprised me, but the pier and ring left me with absolutely no doubt. The biggest "oh my gosh" moment for me in the reading was when you asked about the remainder of her ashes, a small amount in a ring followed shortly thereafter with you saying 'pier'. The night I walked to the end of the pier and threw that ring into the lake was one of the most powerful nights connecting with her that I've had since her passing. [...] Thank you for everything Mary. Upon rewatching the video you sent me, it is clear Abbie was in full communication with you and you did a remarkable job decoding everything she threw your way. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world and helping others learn how to connect with our loved ones in spirit."

Stephanie O.

"Recently I had the extreme pleasure of sitting down for a reading with Mary Kathleen Medium. The experience was life changing and amazing! Mary Kathleen, I need to explain the whole Oreo cookie thing! My whole family is wanting to get a read with her now! More than grateful! Thank you Mary Kathleen!

Clarissa D.

"My mother, sisters and I had a reading with Mary Monday night. We were hoping to connect with my father who spent 40 days alone in the hospital, finally succumbing to Covid, in May of 2020. We often think we see signs from him, but to actually have Mary COMPLETELY validate them, is just absolutely incredible. She was able to connect to, communicate with and also describe my dad's personality perfectly. We loved that she group read us but also had messages for each one of us individually. The magnitude of Mary's gift that she shares with others, is just that - A GIFT. We loved every minute of our reading, we will be back and BEYOND highly recommend her."

Suzanne S.

"It's a very personal message so I'm being vague, but trust me, Mary's energy is warm and comforting. I was nervous as I never sought out a medium in my life and really didn't know what to expect ... but she was clearly bringing forth my brother's spirit and personality. She is very concerned with ethics and tries to convey things honestly but with such grace and tact. She will not tell you things that could bring harm ... she is focused on bringing messages that will only help you. Truly I felt jaw dropped after my reading with Mary, but I'm so grateful for the special messages given to me. It confirmed the things I felt deep in my heart that love and relationships continue beyond death in our earthly form. I was already a believer, but I so badly just wanted to hear from my brother specifically. He was the closest person to me in my life and I'm so thankful he's still holding my hand."


"It would be impossible to capture the spectrum of emotions I have had involving Mary's reading. But the final message of my loved ones in spirit was to put pen to paper and keep writing, so I now feel the courage to share my experience. After losing both my father and my son's father on the same day 8 years apart, I consistently struggle with compounded facets of grief. Knowing the 5 year anniversary of my son's father's passing was approaching, I booked my first appointment with Mary. 8 days before the May 4th date arrived one of my dearest friends died suddenly of an unexplained illness. My world collapsed and nothing made sense until  Mary helped me connect with the spirit realm. I hoped desperately that each would have a message for me and our son that would offer some comfort and clarity. The blinding grief that felt insurmountable suddenly dissipated as my precious loved ones took turns communicating and sharing their interconnected spirit relationships as well. The peace and validation this experience has brought is indescribable because it is of the spirit realm. I truly feel they gifted a glimpse of the higher consciousness they have transcended into. This connection, which I feel assured will continue, gives me both hope and a feeling of restoration within this Earthly plane. Thank you deeply and sincerely Mary, for being a guiding force."

Tara R.

"I can't begin to find the words to tell you just how incredible my reading with you was. It further cemented my belief that our loved ones are truly still with us after passing. Literally everything you communicated from my mom and grandma deeply resonated with me and was validated. I feel a great deal lighter after speaking with you and look forward to another reading in the future. You are an amazing person for sharing your gift. Thank you."

Theresa A.

"Thank you so much for your services. I was truly impressed and came out of the reading feeling a lot better knowing my loved ones are always watching/listening/observing. What really got me was when you described the necklace I was wearing at that moment (it'd belonged to my mother and I wear it as a way to honor and connect with her), so the fact that spirit was able to validate that, it gave me goosebumps. I feel better knowing I have a whole army of loved ones rooting for me. It still hurts that they aren't physically here anymore, especially my parents. But knowing they are very much present in my life helps me spiritually. And thank you for validating that!"

Natasha M.

"Thank you so much for today! I'm blown away! I'm also sharing your info with some people so may have some referrals for you! Bless you for your amazing gift you give It took me awhile to process it with everything going on. It truly felt like a spiritual wake up call. There were so many positives that came from that reading it would be an exhaustive list (truly!) to go through every detail. However, I want you to know how significant it was for me (and continues to be). It served as a major catalyst for me to begin to make a conscious shift out of where I have been living emotionally and mentally as of late. I am so grateful that you use your gift to offer support to people life me - especially during these challenging times. The energy you brought to my reading was the most comforting energy I had experienced in a long time."

Lauren S.

"Extremely grateful to have stumbled upon such a gifted/warm hearted woman. I know my ma appreciates how much I like to speak to her, she just makes me laugh so much even when she's in heaven! Not only has Mary shocked me with the amount of detail she knew on my mother but today she blew my dad's mind as well. I got him a session for his birthday and he was forever grateful, he was able to contact his mother as well. He hasn't spoke to her in 21 years. I know it meant the world to him. If anyone is trying to reach a spirit loved one, I highly recommend Medium Mary Kathleen. It's so comforting knowing my ma is always ."


"You have given a balm for my heart. Thank you for the most amazing reading and messages from my mum and dad. Your gift allowed me to 'hear' from my my parents in the most perfect, healing, divine way. Thank you."

Patricia G.

"I have always been open to this type of work and yet a tad bit skeptical when it came to sessions of this nature, especially communications with loved ones who have passed. Going into my session with Mary Kathleen I was naturally a bit skeptical ... however, I cannot express my gratitude for her and can truly say there were things mentioned that only I would know. I cried, smiled, laughed, and just felt so connected in the deepest possible way. Her delivery was kind and honest which made a world of difference. I would absolutely and unequivocally have another session (I've already recommended her to my friends!). Thank you again Mary Kathleen for being that connection and for the immeasurable experience you gave me that day. I have not and will not forget it."

Kelly O.

"Mary connected to my grandparents - specifically my grandmother - straight away and was able to pass on messaged of love and comfort from her. Mary captured the essence of my (talkative!) Granny and her relationship with my grandfather, and relayed messaged relating to something I'm currently going through. How my grandparents managed to make me laugh out loud from the other side is astounding to me! Thanks, Mary, for working with them to bring me love and comfort."

Anusha M.

"My reading with Mary was such a blessing. In it she confirmed some things that didn't occur to me straight away, but after the Zoom meeting I was realizing the deeper meaning behind things. Even days later when I replayed the recording, the dots were connecting for me. She revealed important months as well as immediately connected with my brother who has crossed over. I felt so much love, truth, and light in the messages, symbols, and phrases she communicated to me from him. Most of all, he knew my biggest struggle since losing him and that logically I know it, but that it's more of a hard thing for my heart to accept (but that I need to). Mary also conveyed some very powerful symbolism that my brother was showing her ... after I got off the call, I was looking at old photos when I came across the date of his death month/ gave me SO much comfort. It was a photo of the metaphor/message he had for me. It was also a symbolic thing from our that one symbol [from the reading] had 2 meanings for me [and showed up in the picture right after the reading]."


"Absolutely loved my reading with Mary Kathleen! Prior to my reading I wrote down a few things I hoped would be mentioned and they were. I was hoping to hear from my dad and as soon as he came through she told me he was wishing me a happy birthday. I nearly cried because my birthday was just two weeks ago and this reading was one of the things I wanted most. Hearing he was wishing me a happy birthday was the greatest gift I could have received. That alone after the reading had me crying for some time in a positive way. Mary mentioned he was showing her a three tier cake which meant to her we had three kids but I told her we only had two. She then asked if we are planning to have another one and I told her I recently just became pregnant. I really wanted to know if my dad knew I was pregnant and honestly as much as I truly believe in these special gifts even this shocked me. I turned into a ball of tears after that. She told me he was kissing my belly and eased my mind it would be an easy pregnancy which is something he knows I worried about. Being able to talk with my dad is the greatest gift besides being a mother I could ever ask for. My dad means the world to me and every so often I like to get a reading so I can feel close to him again. She knew exactly how my relationship was with my mom and really eased a lot of heavy doubts I had and I will now be free to move on. She really seemed to care about what was being told to her during my reading. In the end when our time was up I asked if she could reach out to my dog who recently passed and she could have said sorry your times up but she was happy to help. Thank you so much you not only helped  me in such a positive way but you also gave me something to help heal my kids from losing their dog. If I could see her once a week I would because it’s such a life changing experience you wish you could go through all the time. I will definitely be returning shortly. Thanks again for everything. "

Nikki P.

"Thank you again for another amazing reading. I keep coming back to you as well as continuing grief therapy. I always feel more connected to my 3 loved ones after our readings. You truly are a special person and so blessed to have connected to you. I will take all the things we discussed and integrate into my journey of healing and acceptance. You have such a beautiful gift and I am grateful for your empathetic beautiful spirit. "


"Thank you so much for my reading that connected me with my daughter! So much was said that no could have known but her. After listening to my recording I'm even understanding more than the first time. I cannot stop thinking about the loving feelings and evidence of my daughter being with me. Your words that came through her spirit has had a positive impact on me and my family. I'm a believer in your awesome gift! Thank you!"

Angie L.

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