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What Many Mediums May Not Tell You: We Provide Evidential Readings, But You Don't Actually 'Need' Us

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

“Lately I’ve been practicing meditation in hopes of connecting with my dad. My dad was always someone I’d keep informed on all aspects of my life and ask for his guidance. During my meditation, I asked him if he’s aware of things happening in my life as of lately. Something I saw in my meditation were ‘daisies and roses’. I had no idea what this meant but I made a mental note of it. It turns out, two weeks later, I received daisies and roses as a gift on Valentine’s Day [from the man I was seeing]! I could not connect what he meant by that during my meditation until I received those as a gift. I was completely shocked by it because it feels like I’m able to ‘talk’ to my dad again and he’s listening,” wrote a client in a message on Instagram. She’d not been a person who meditated prior to her dad transitioning to spirit.

A follower on Instagram recently commented on one of my posts, “Meditation does do the trick. I must have blended with my late wife as she put her arms around me and actually lifted me up. When I asked her if that was really what happened, she lifted me slightly again. Show off lol.” Very strong, energetic blends with spirit can indeed feel just like this.

Another previous client messaged me on Instagram just today as I’m writing this and just in time to get edited into this blog post (synchronicities, right?), asking me if she’s “losing it [her mind]” because she very clearly and very strongly felt her husband in her room last night, and she felt him physically touch her face and felt the sheet physically get re-tucked under her chin. It didn’t scare her – just the opposite. Pure love. Pure comfort. And pure presence. To let her know that death ends a physical body’s life, not a soul nor an emotional relationship.

You don’t need a psychic medium to connect with a loved one that is now in spirit. In fact, they connect with us every day – we just don’t always recognize those connections in our conscious minds. They are blending with our energies and communicating with us through our various senses, most of which we write off as our own human experiences, or we are so busy with our human mind chatter that we don’t notice the subtleties to begin with.

The human world and the spirit world coexisting in harmony is simply a way of being.

The thing about us humans is that we are so used to seeing visually with our eyes and hearing with our ears that we’ve come to rely on them a bit too much. Seems strange to say that, right? But it’s true.

We are actually vastly multi-sensory beings and were intended to be so. The problem is that we’ve moved so far away from that intention and that way of being, that we’ve become overly reliant on the flatness of the human experience. I hate to call the human experience flat, as I know it is much more than that, but I also know it could be abundantly more than it currently is for many of us if and when we would expand back into our full potentials.

When we were born into this world as infants, none of us could speak words. The majority of us could see and hear, and those that could not compensated in other energetic modes of communication. Those of us that could see and hear (and those that couldn’t) didn’t seem to care much that we couldn’t physically, audibly speak. Why? Because we could still communicate. We knew how. We knew how to receive information, and we knew how to give information. We’d done it where we came from. We fully knew we were energetic beings, and we knew how to read that energy. We didn’t need words.

If a friend were to bring their new significant other to me and say, “Is he/she a good person? Should I proceed with the relationship?”

My response would be, “Ask a baby or a dog.” Haha.

But honestly, babies and animals are the best judges of human character.

We’ve all seen this happen. Babies automatically tense or cry when they’re around someone who’s energy many people tend not to care for, be it ‘that one’ relative who no one really wants to be around at the family gathering, or someone in public who approaches you to speak to the baby who gives you sort of bad vibes. You have ‘kind of a bad feeling’, but your baby outright starts to cry.

It’s because babies know. They read the energy of rooms and they read the energy of humans.

But then they grow up. They begin to age into toddlers who read fear on faces, hear concern in voices, pick up on cues in culture, on television, within families, teachings, and everywhere in the world around them. Fear responses, or at the very least, uncertainties, can take over, pushing what was once a clear and loving acknowledgement of energetic soul-to-soul communication and knowing to the background so that the consciousness does not need to deal with such ‘fearful experiences’ any longer. Or, I should say, what is now perceived as fearful by the human psyche.

Also, language develops, in addition to the bright visuals and the need to pay attention to what everyone is saying all the time in order to respond back with that newly learned language. Living in that constant state of attention is ‘loud’ in terms of adding to our monkey mind chatter, which causes the other innate, more subtle forms of energetic communication we were born with to shrink to the background.

But those more subtle forms of innate communication abilities are still there. They are in us. Part of us. Wired in us.

They function through energy. And energy never goes away. Energy is always around us, in everything, and everyone.

We are energy.

And so are our spirit loved ones.

That is what I came to realize very early in my mediumship journey, once I allowed myself to release my own fear (which, trust me, I had a mighty dose of it myself at first). Once I released my fear and began to educate myself on the energetics behind mediumship, so many pieces fell into place. Spirit isn’t trying to scare us. There are no such thing as ghosts, I realized! I’d been feeling my own spirit loved ones all my life, but I didn’t know how to process the energy.

And then as I began to further educate myself, develop my mediumship, and work with more and more clients, I realized: everyone can get to a point of consciously blending with spirit loved ones. So many people already are having comforting, loving experiences. Some are more extensive than others, while others are tiny blips here and there.

But energetic blending isn’t a “phenomenon only for those who are chosen or gifted”, it truly is a birthright ability. It’s science. And it’s spirituality. Combined.

So, what do I do if I want to learn to blend with my own loved ones in spirit?

There will be more on this to come on my social media, but here is the bottom line: you have to start a meditation practice if you want to begin blending with your own loved ones in spirit.

I know, I know, I know. Some people tell me they absolutely hate meditating. Whether it’s because they don’t have the time, because they don’t feel they’re able to calm their mind, or some other reason, some people view it as a chore. Like mopping the floor or folding the laundry.

If you’re one of those people, try shifting your perspective on it. If meditation is the portal to finding your way back to your innate, birthright ability to blend with and feel the soul energy of your spouse in spirit, receive information from your dad in spirit, or even blend with the undeniable soul energy of your dog in spirit, is it still a chore? Or is it part of your self-care practice? Part of your grief support journey? Something you do for yourself? You may not mop your floor for yourself, but you can reframe meditation as being for yourself.

Additionally, did you know that meditation does not need to be done sitting up, back straight, legs folded, palms up in the air? I mean, it can be. But it doesn’t have to be. I personally, never meditate that way. I find it highly uncomfortable. I personally meditate laying down. You can meditate anywhere and anyway you choose. You can meditate in your recliner, or sitting on the couch. It’s totally up to you. It should never be physically uncomfortable.

Meditation is also not perfect every single time, and some may need to practice for longer to be able to blend with loved ones than others. Some people need to start off at small intervals of less than five minutes a day, while others don’t. There will be days for every person where you really struggle. I do the same. There will be days where your mind chatter is racing a mile a minute and you get frustrated. There will be days where you have a headache and can’t meditate. That’s okay. This doesn’t mean ‘you’re bad at meditation’. It means you’re a soul in a human body with a human brain. It means you’re human.

Exercise To Try & Practice Over Time

Like I said, watch my social media for updates, but here is one exercise you can try.

1. Get comfortable however you choose and close your eyes.

2. Breathe deeply until you reach a slowed, steady rate that feels good to you.

3. Intentionally clear your mind. Continue breathing at your own personal, slow

maintained rate. Do this for a few moments or minutes (whatever feels good to you), trying to keep your mind as clear as possible. Enjoy that freeness. If a mind chatter thought pops in, allow it, acknowledge it, and release it gently, and continue on, bringing your attention back to your breathing.

4. When ready, in your mind’s eye, visualize your bare feet in bright green, healthy grass, your toes touching the dirt of the earth through the grass. Feel the dirt of the earth with your toes and the grass with your feet. Take a few moments to enjoy that feeling and each sensation that comes with it.

5. When ready, in your mind’s eye or literally (your choice), extend your hands, palms up. In your palms, accept a gift from the universe/God. The gift is that of universal life force energy being placed into your palms as a ball of bright, sparkling, pure, white light. Feel that ball of pure love, universal life force energy as it rests in your palms.

6. When ready, in your mind’s eye, lift that gifted ball of light you’ve been given by the universe/God to the crown of your head (your crown chakra).

7. As you continue to breathe at your slow, steady rate that feels right to you, breathe that light energy in through the crown of your head. Slowly, as you breathe, breathe it down into every area of your body, all the way down into your toes. (As you practice this over time, you may even begin to be able to physically feel the energy in your body, as you begin to glow with the bright, white light.) Enjoy this part of the meditation for however long feels right to you.

8. As you breathe, with each breath, begin to push the light outward from your body’s perimeter, as if you are glowing brighter and brighter, even going as far as to fill the room you’re in. If it feels right, fill your home, or your city block with light.

9. As you breathe, in your minds eye, know that your loved one in spirit is also of the same life force energy.

10. Mentally invite your loved on in spirit to come close to you and blend their life force energy with your life force energy.

11. Continue to breathe. You don’t need to visualize or ‘do’ anything at this point. Just breathe, feel any feelings, observe any visuals in your mind’s eye, any words that pop into your mind. Or just ‘be’.

12. With time and practice, this is the point in the meditation where many people will be able to recognize the energy of a loved one, receive flashes of images, words, ‘intuitive hits’, and more.

13. When you are finished, breathe your light back in towards your body until it is all back inside of you. And open your eyes when ready.

I’m going to close by sharing an experience of mine. I know it may not hold as much weight as the non-medium experiences that the blog opened with, but I promise that anyone can have experiences like these.

If you follow me on socials, you know that my cat, Snyper, passed in September. In the days following his passing, I was so consumed with grief that I could barely function. I could feel his presence right away but I hadn’t consciously connected through meditation. I didn’t know if I could handle it right away.

Three nights in, I decided to try meditating to blend with him. The immediate energy surging through my body was intense. (This is something you can experience with time – you can feel the energy physically – and it doesn’t hurt at all).

I could see him in my mind’s eye clearly. We had some communicative exchanges. I asked him some questions that he answered. He didn’t stay long during that first blend. He was sitting on the floor next to my bed, where I was laying.

But, before he left, he did two things. He showed me a candy wrapper with some writing on it, which I couldn’t quite make out. But I got the distinct feeling of “Sign. Candy will be a sign.” The candy ‘felt’ like it was peanut butter. I could see/feel brown and gold.

Then, he leaped up off the floor, up over my body in a big arch shape, as if he was forming a rainbow of energy. It was as if he was doing reiki on me. I could feel energy from him to me. It was an intense energy and an intense knowing of “He’s trying to give me healing for my grief.”

And then he was gone.

The next morning, I woke up, and while of course, my grief wasn’t gone, it was relieved somewhat. It was the first day since he transitioned that I was able to somewhat function and the first day since he transitioned that I was able to not cry constantly. He had, without a doubt, done something to me energetically.

A couple of weeks later, I took two of my kids to Culver’s, which is an ice cream restaurant regional to us. In those couple of weeks, Snyper had been giving be some very clear signs about the number 77 and 777 being a symbol he had been and would be using with me (I even had a semi with a blue 7777 license plate cut me off right after I picked up his ashes).

Both of my kids ordered peanut butter cup concrete mixers (ice cream with peanut butter cups mixed in). As I paid at the drive-through window, the cashier handed me a blue plastic number to put in my window. It was number 77! 😊

We waited for them to bring the treats to the car. Finally, they did and I handed them to my kids behind me. As we were driving home a few minutes later, my son said, “Mom, why does my and Sullivan’s ice cream’s both say 77?”

I looked, and both peanut butter candy treats had Snyper’s number 77 written on them in black marker. There was the ‘peanut butter candy wrapper’…with the ‘writing on it’. The sign he’d shown me in meditation that he would be using just a couple weeks prior. I was floored!

The spirit world is ahh-mazing. I know blending with them can’t take grief away, and that not everyone may be drawn to trying it. You need to feel within yourself if it will bring you comfort or bring you more pain, but there are definitely times it can help as a tool in grief if you are intuitively drawn.

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.” -Morrie Schwartz


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