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Intuitive Card Readings Via Email


This reading style is designed for those seeking intuitive guidance in a specific area or areas of their life at a lower price point than a face-to-face reading. This is not for mediumship.

A card reading via email includes:


  • The ability for you to ask three questions for your reading to be centered around (i.e. "Why does my marriage feel so hard right now?" "What can I do to improve my job satisfaction?" "What lesson am I meant to learn from [insert life event here]?"

  • Three oracle cards drawn 

  • An intuitive email reading by Mary regarding your questions for a minimum of 500 words 

  • A personalized card interpretation for each of your questions (this is not just a copy and paste of the tarot/oracle card guide)

  • Readings are completed within 3 business days of the receipt of your questions (questions are emailed to Mary by replying to your order confirmation email after payment is transmitted)

Common areas of focus may be career, romantic relationships, family relationships, living pets, your spiritual journey, current personal struggles, or any other subjects that you are needing guidance on at the moment to reach your highest potential and achieve soul growth, contentment, alignment, happiness, or aid in making a decision.


Please note, that Mary believes the future is fluid and NOT set it stone. The future is impacted by our energies, choices, and actions of today, which means that we are empowered and co-creators of our own lives. Thus, card/intuitive readings read and reflect the energy of where you are on your current trajectory.

Please keep in mind: When receiving intuitive readings, you need to be prepared to hear what your ego may not want to hear (think the old adage: "How do I get him back?" when you already know deep in your gut that the relationship is unhealthy for you). This does not mean a reading is "bad" or "inaccurate", it means that it's uncomfortable for your ego but nourishment for your human journey.


How to arrange for a card reading via email:


  1. Click "place order" below

  2. Chose card reading via email on the next screen

  3. Choose the next available date and time on Mary's appointment calendar (this is just a placeholder - the timing of your reading being completed is dependent on your questions being sent in a timely manner)

  4. Complete your transaction and payment

  5. An order confirmation email will immediately be sent (if you don't receive it immediately, check your spam folder - Mary's email is

  6. Reply to the order confirmation email or email Mary directly with your three questions  that you want your reading to focus on

  7. Wait for your email reading to be sent within 3 business days of your questions being sent 

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