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How To Tell Clairvoyant Spirit Communication From Your Human Mind's Imagination

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

When it comes to spirit communication and clairvoyance, imagination is labeled as a big, bad monster.

But it shouldn’t be.

The reality is that if you shy away from imagination, you will never receive spirit communication. If you reject your imagination from your human mind, you will struggle with clairvoyance.

This is for two reasons:

Reason #1: If you reject your human mind’s imagination, you will always be in your logical mind.

Reason #2: Because spirit communication IS very much LIKE imagination. Spirit communication comes in very much the same as imagination does, and can appear, and sometimes even feel, very much the same as imagination. So, if you do not lean into imagination, you will never learn how to recognize spirit images, otherwise known as clairvoyance. You will never trust yourself. And, therefore, you will never receive spirit communication from your loved ones if you reject your imagination.

I actually teach this same thing in my self-paced course, Limitless A Soul Workshop For Spirit Awareness, which helps you learn to connect to your own loved ones in heaven through meditation.

There are several tips for how you can learn to tell the difference between spirit communication, or clairvoyance, and imagination. These tips are intended for beginners of spirit communication:

The first way to tell the difference between spirit communication through clairvoyance and imagination is that spirit communication will typically be out of context / out of nowhere, versus imagination, which will not be.

Often, when you are imagining within your own human mind or human consciousness, your imagination is SPARKED by something that you either already see, already hear, already are talking about, or are already thinking about in that exact moment. ‘In that exact moment’ being THE KEY. For example, consider the following scenario: you are driving to work, thinking about your dad in heaven, how much you miss him, maybe even crying about missing him, and an image of your dad who is in spirit pops into your head.

That example is probably your imagination and is likely NOT spirit communication. May it not be imagination? Maybe. BUT, if you’re new to spirit communication and just learning, this is a string of thoughts that would likely lead to a piece of imaginary imagery created by your human mind.

In my experience as a psychic medium who went through development and has worked with students, has gone through grief journeys myself, and worked with other grieving people learning to make connections, this example is one of imagination and not actual spirit communication.

On the flip side, if you’re driving to work and thinking about how you need to buy your son new soccer cleats by next week or some other random subject, and suddenly your dad in spirit’s face pops in your head, that is how clairvoyance from loved ones in heaven does work. That is how spirit communication through the use of images works. That is a good sign that your human mind’s imagination did not create the image of your dad because your stream consciousness was not focusing on your dad to begin with.

I want to emphasize that you could have been thinking of your dad an hour before this, and still trust the image in the second scenario as spirit communication. Your stream of consciousness in the moment is what matters when it comes to trusting the clairvoyance as actually being your dad’s spirit. Your stream of consciousness in the moment is what’s likely forming imagination vs not. Your dad knows that you had been missing him and were struggling earlier that day, which is why he would be trying to make himself known NOW.

The second way to tell the difference between imagination and clairvoyance as spirit communication, or images from loved ones in heaven, is that images as spirit communication will be brief and fast. Clairvoyance will come into your mind and leave very quickly, and the clairvoyance will typically not be streams of concurrent images or a movie in your head, at least in the case of you not being a developed psychic medium. This means that this is especially the case for when you are a beginner to recognizing spirit communication and a beginner to trusting your own clairvoyance.

Spirit communication images being brief and fast are different from imagination, because when you are imagining things, you will often role play in your mind. When imagining, you’ll often play out a scenario in your head. For example, during imagination, you may have your husband in heaven pop into head and imagine him sitting on the couch next to you, putting his arm around you, asking you about your day, laughing about what was just on tv, and then notice him watching your living son walk by as he does so. Then you may launch into thinking about how he was at the dinner table with you that night, and so on. This sort of imagery is functioning for you like strings of conscious thought. This sort of imagery is functioning like imagination.

Could it be spirit communication? Yes, it could be. BUT, if you are new to clairvoyant spirit communication, I would advise you not to trust this but rather to trust quick bursts of communication that are not strings of conscious thought, at least when you are in a waking, non-meditative state. (And, remember, this also directly relates to the first way of telling the difference between spirit communication and imagination, too. Because in this example, you are also more likely to be stringing one thought about your husband into another thought, and so on.)

The clairvoyant example of this, which I would trust, would be: you are in your living room, watching tv at night. Maybe you’re focusing on the tv show. Or, maybe you’re focusing on Instagram while you half-watch the tv show. Your couch is to your right.

Suddenly, a super-quick flash of your husband in spirit moves into your mind, in the peripheral of your headspace. In the internal, fast image, he’s sitting on the couch. The image flashes into your mind’s eye. And then it’s gone. It’s so fast, your stomach almost flips. That would be an example of how spirit loved ones in heaven communicate with our clairvoyance.

The third way to tell the difference between clairvoyant spirit communication from loved ones in heaven and your imagination is that imagery from spirit can be too strange for you to have possibly made it up. This is kind of a funny one, but it happens a lot. Metaphors fit in here too. This happens a lot in professional psychic mediumship, but it absolutely pertains to you communicating with your own loved ones on the other side too.

Images from spirit are not always literal. Images from spirit can often be symbolic, code, or metaphoric.

This third way isn’t always going to pertain and it doesn’t need to be present every time. This is more of a stand-alone way to tell the difference between spirit communication and imagination. Thus, what I’m essentially saying here, is that there are often times that you will receive an image that seems like it doesn’t make any sense at all, but it actually has meaning.

One example of this occurred for me when my maternal grandpa popped in during a meditation and he quickly flashed in a cracker jack box. I was pretty shocked because cracker jacks are something I had totally forgotten ever even existed. Have you ever had something during your waking, non-spirit communication life – be it an object or maybe even a memory or scenario – that you were so surprised about and thought or said, “Oh my goodness! I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT!?”

That was cracker jacks for me. I totally forgot they’d ever even existed. And this was even despite the fact that he used to buy them for me as a kid. I must have buried the memory in my subconscious.

So that was an example of something I know I would have never imagined because I literally had totally forgotten about them all together. HE reminded me.

Metaphors are also a great example of non-imaginary visual spirit communication. I talk about them in Limitless: A Soul Workshop For Spirit Awareness, too. Metaphors are something that spirit uses a lot because it's their way of getting across more complicated emotions or scenarios. It’s their way of going deeper.

Metaphors can be very odd at times. You may see something very strange right after an image of your dad in spirit and totally dismiss it. But then two days later, it clicks and becomes so incredibly clear! Metaphors are used in professional psychic medium readings constantly because spirit needs to get much more robust with us, but they’re 100% used with your own loved ones in heaven too. Metaphors are an amazing way that your own loved ones will get evidence to you that you would not have previously known, even though you already know practically everything there is to know about them and yourself.

Now, playing devil’s advocate, in relation to connecting to your own loved ones in heaven, could some of those strange images be your own imagination? Yes, they could. But in my experience, usually, if they are strange enough, randomly occurring, and fast, they’re not. They’re not imagination because they have no place in your active stream of consciousness thought stream. They're either coming from a loved one in heaven, which would be mediumship. Or, they're coming from your higher self, which would be your intuition.

The fourth way to tell clairvoyant spirit communication from your human mind imagination is where in your physical headspace the imagery comes in and what it actually looks like when it does come in. By this, I mean, literally where in your skull you receive the images and the appearance of those images. This doesn’t apply to all people, but I find it applies to most.

What I mean by this, is that your conscious thoughts – your human mind’s thoughts – will typically be in a different physical space than images from loved ones on the other side. For example, for me, my human thought images are in the center of my head. And images from spirit people come in on the right side of my head. The images also look different too.

You may be different than myself. However, you will likely be able to learn, train, and/or begin to trust your own spatial and imagery recognition over time because you can test it out over time. This is something else I discuss and teach in Limitless: A Soul Workshop For Spirit Awareness.

Hopefully, this provided some framework and clarity around how to tell the difference between clairvoyant spirit images and your own human mind's imagination. If you are looking to learn more about clairvoyance and the other psychic senses that we all use to connect with our own loved ones in heaven, be sure to click here to download my free mini e-book, Understanding the Psychic Senses for Spirit Communication.


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