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Please follow this simple process to purchase a gift certificate:

1. Click on "Services & Booking" to book an appointment as a new client normally would.

2. Select the appropriate reading length (30 or 50 Minutes). Phone/Zoom/FaceTime does not matter, your gift certificate recipient can change that later when they redeem the certificate.

3. Enter your own information and email address into the client field, especially if the gift certificate is a surprise (an automatic confirmation of purchase email will be sent out immediately to the email address that is entered)!

4. When you get to the part of the booking process that pulls up Mary's available appointment calendar, choose the/an appointment date as far into the future as the calendar will allow (this is typically ~90 days into the future).

5. Complete your purchase.

6. You will receive an immediate email confirming your purchase. Either reply to that email (or email Mary directly at letting Mary know that you the appointment you just booked is for a gift certificate. She will email you a digital certificate within 24 hours, which you can either print off or digitally forward to your recipient.

  • Gift certificate recipients simply email Mary when they are ready to schedule their appointment (instructions and address are included on their certificate). At that point, the appointment date and mode (Phone/Zoom/FaceTime) is adjusted according to the recipient's wishes.

  • Gift certificates are good for 12 months from the purchase date. 

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