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Mary is an evidential medium who connects with the spirit loved ones of people on the earth plane, as well as intuitively to her clients for guidance and growth.  Her three central motivators for her work are to provide healing, irrefutable proof that both life and love after death absolutely exist, and to inspire others to know that they, too, can continue relationships with their own loved ones who are now on the spiritual plane.  Mary utilizes her natural abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to connect with the spirit loved ones of her clients, as well as intuitively to her client's higher selves.  Whether a client is seeking validation of the afterlife via a hello from heaven, desiring an emotional connection as a portion of his/her grief journey, taking steps towards healing a painful history with a loved one in spirit, or seeking an intuitive connection as part of his/her own spiritual or personal growth and healing, Mary is a very down-to-earth medium and prides herself in her open and honest approach to working with both the earth and the spiritual realms. Mary is passionate about evidence as an imperative component of mediumship, which is communicated to her by her client’s spirit loved ones as proof of their continued existence and presence for love, healing, and growth – and, most importantly, as validation for their messages.

Mary holds a Masters of Business Administration from Lakeland College and a Bachelors of Arts in Organizational Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. She worked in various faculties of Logistics & Supply Chain Management for a decade, before ultimately resigning from her position to raise her three children and tend to her home while her husband worked. As ambition, rigid work ethic, and goal-setting had been cornerstones of Mary’s character since youth, the shift from corporate climbing to stay-at-home mom was a startling move even to herself. In the lens of hindsight, God and Spirit were aligning Mary for a life of service through mediumship when presenting the choice to leave her career. The choice that had been so perplexingly atypical of her nature provided her the time and space, free from the busy noise of corporate life, to discover her true gift. A few years later, Mary is now profoundly grateful that a synchrony of choices and other seemingly unrelated events have furnished the ability to be of service to people on both the Earth and spiritual planes. The opportunity to “meet” in spirit so many loved ones of people on the Earth plane – by getting to know the spirit people’s qualms, quirks, senses of humors, strengths, admitted shortcomings, life experiences, and wisdoms – has truly been one of the greatest joys of Mary’s life. Perhaps most preciously, these meetings have revealed to her that love is absolutely, undoubtedly eternal.


Once she fully embraced her gift, Mary was ready to admit to herself that her connection with the world of spirit had actually existed as long she could remember, with the only difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’ being the willingness to admit as such to herself. Whether it was through sensing a spirit person’s presence as a young girl, to immediately recognizing the presence of her loved ones and friends within days of their passing (including one very unique visit from her beloved grandfather!), Mary was tentatively aware of the fringes of her ability, but she actively resisted it, in large part due to fear and desire to avoid the unknown. This wall of resistance remained firmly in place for over a decade, with the exception of visits from her own loved ones. Mary’s loved ones would visit in waking thoughts, dreams, and through the manipulation of objectively existent objects, which often specifically aligned with the thoughts and dreams.


Visits of that nature continued with loved ones for years, until it suddenly gave way to additional contact with spirit people that Mary did not know. Over the course of a short, two-week period, contacts with unknown spirit people began swift and with sudden conviction, bombarding her incessantly. Yet, still confused and a little afraid about what she was experiencing, she held on to her very last string of denial and resistance. However, within a few weeks of this abrupt surge of spirit contacts, Mary could no longer avoid facing her new reality after she took a random, spur-of-the moment photo of her son…

In typical toddler form, her son was misbehaving in his bedroom during what was supposed to be his afternoon nap, while Mary was outside on the porch. As he peeked his head out from behind his bedroom curtain to look at Mary, she snapped his photo with the intent to post it to social media as a humorous account of life with toddlers. However, when she looked at the picture, something took her aback: as clear as day, there was a young spirit boy in the photo with Mary’s son. Slightly older than her son, the spirit boy could be seen with the objective eye, wearing glasses and a gray t-shirt with an airplane on it, and had blonde hair styled into a bowl cut. Mary’s mind raced. She had already been distressed the past few weeks due to almost non-stop mediumistic contacts and dreams, yet she continued to shun the truth.

Now, looking down at this photo, of such evidence she could not deny, she wondered, what does this mean?

Who was she kidding? She knew exactly what it meant.

Within a couple of days, Mary was giving practice readings to other like-minded people, and the authenticated medium community confirmed that her ability to communicate with spirit had indeed been present all along, as she had been sensing for so many years. After years of exhausting resistance, the photograph helped remove the final wall of resistance from her, or rather, for her. The wall that was so draining and depleting to uphold most of her life was now completely down. She finally conceded to her heart and the core of her gut, which both knew that the internal energy required to rebuild and maintain the wall was now far too immense to sustain. There was a reason for this. Mary could communicate with the other side, and it’s what she was meant to do all along. With this realization, Mary immersed herself within the world of study and the community of mediumship. In finally embracing her gift and using it to prove the existence of eternal life and love, she knew that she was home. Her life path and soul were precisely where they were meant to be.

Communicating with the spirit world is not only Mary’s life purpose, but also her passion. Mary dedicates multitudinous hours to studying and growing her mediumship, engaging with and learning from some of the world’s most respected mediums. Mary also participates in multiple weekly development circles, as she believes that one should never stop learning and that mediumship is a lifelong process of evolvement, for which being an eternal student of the spirit world is fully required.

Mary’s passion lies with aiding the ability to help provide healing, comfort, and the transmission of love. She leans heavily upon evidential mediumship to provide this, which refers to the communication of irrefutable evidence from a client’s spirit loved ones that can be validated by the client. A reading with Mary will provide the proof of eternal life in the recognizable personal evidence given, the communication of love intertwined throughout the reading, and an offering of healing from the overall experience. Being able to provide these important aspects for clients and those in spirit, and to be in absolute service to both worlds, are the anchors of Mary’s work.

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