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60-Minute Mentoring Session


Are you not a developing psychic medium and not ever planning to be, but you're experiencing spiritual contact after the passing of a loved one and looking to tune in more?

Are you in Limitless A Soul Workshop For Spirit Awareness or working in the 'Hello Can You Hear Me?' A 30-Day Automatic Writing Journal? and looking for guidance on how to go deeper with what you've already experienced, or have questions about what you're experiencing?

Are you a developing psychic medium in need of guidance, advice, or have questions to ask of me 1:1 to help you in your development of your abilities?

Are you a developing psychic medium ready to take your practice to the professional level and you have questions about the business side of things?

This session is not a reading, intuitive or otherwise. This session is a question-and-answer mentoring/coaching discussion human-to-human for those with questions about spirit contact for grief healing purposes, spirit contact in general, the psychic senses, psychic mediumship development teaching/guidance questions, or spiritual practitioner 
business launching/development questions. General spiritual mentorship questions are also welcome.

All of these sessions will be conducted over Zoom.

A 3-Session Package Is Available 

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