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You Were Born With the Power

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I sit here, barely into the first week of 2022 as I write this post, reflecting back on the state of the collective heaviness that I’ve observed over the course of the past year. I don’t think you need to be accustomed to working with energy to have sensed how heavy everyone feels lately.

We’ve all felt it. It lays heavy, like a blanket over the collective.

I’ve noticed the weight of it with so many of the amazing earthside souls that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the course of the last year too. Actually, I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit that I myself have personally experienced heaviness of my own accord as well.

It’s been a heavy time in the world. For all of us. This past year. We could say the past two years. But something about the past 12 months has been heavier.

And, no, I’m not talking literally. I’m talking energetically. Emotionally. Mentally.

But you already know that. You’ve felt it.

And if you’re grieving the loss of a loved one it’s been 1,000-fold. So, while this particular post is not about grief. I would like to take this brief caveat to say to those that are grieving: we see you. To be grieving during this particular period in human time is a monstrosity, and while some may not be able to relate, there are a whole lot of us out there who see you. You are not alone.

Moving back towards the overarching point of this post:

We don’t need to feel helpless. There is something we can do as individuals about the collective heaviness.

You see, we are each a moving part in the cog. If we each toss our hands in the air and say, “Well, this sucks!” guess what we will attract more of? You guessed it. More….suckiness. (How’s that for vocabulary?…ha.)

If we each toss our hands in the air and say, “I have no control! What’s the point!?” as we huff in anger, what are we going to attract more of? More of the same vibrationally aligned chaos, some of it on a personal level, to lead to more similar emotions and feelings of a lack of control.

And even if you don’t literally attract more chaos or believe in the law of attraction, you’re still going to feel like you're attracting more chaos. On the inside. Because perceiving a consistent lack of control and feeling consistent anger breeds an internal tornado, not an internal sunrise.

But I get it, it’s hard. Every time we turn around, we are getting one piece of seemingly depressing piece of news after another. We are running into one complaining person before we run into the next complaining person. And we’ve found ourselves in conflicts that we never saw ourselves being in. If we haven’t found ourselves in conflicts, people around us are engaging in negativity and fighting to the point of it being hard for us to escape from.

All of those things together, for each of us as an individual, builds layers upon layers, energetic brick by energetic brick of negativity inside of us. Until you, yourself, feel heavy, down, low, and misdirected.

You feel misdirected, because energetically, thanks to all of those bricks, you as a singular piece of the larger cog, are now misaligned with who YOU are as a soul. And that misalignment feels pretty horrible, doesn’t it?

Then, when all of us citizens of the world come together – we are changing the energetic body of the collective if too many of us are moving in this direction of heaviness.

We each are a part of the collective. And how we each feel matters.

That means: You do have control. We all do. Your healing, your growth, your happiness, your LIGHT can never truly be taken from you. It’s always inside of you just waiting to be found through alignment.

The amazing news from both an individual standpoint and a collective standpoint is this: light is stronger than darkness. That's energetic truth and always has been. From a metaphoric perspective, think of it like this. Consider that you have five lamps sitting in your living room, all plugged in. It’s nighttime and all the lamps are turned off. The living room is completely dark. You would only need to turn one of the five lamps on to be able to begin to see in the darkness, right? If each lamp represented one person, they’d each be receiving some degree of light by just one of them being turned from off to on.

Now think of it in the reverse. If all five lamps were turned on, and you turned one off, would the entire room be cloaked in darkness to the point of taking away all vision by that one lamp's choice? No. The effect of one lamp 'choosing' to go dark is not nearly as great as one lamp 'choosing' to go light. It's the same with us as humans. As energetic beings. As souls.

One person who is shining their light through soul alignment CAN shift the energy for more than one person who is carrying energetic despair. So, we can enjoy a shift as a collective. But how do we get there?

Here are a few suggestions from a soul perspective based on the three things mentioned above that many of us are currently dealing with in these times:

1) Every time we turn around, we are getting one piece of seemingly depressing piece of news after another.

Often times, our reaction to a piece of information is heavily swayed by the way that it’s presented to us. Have you ever noticed that? We also often tend to react to information before we actually take it in, process it, analyze it, and think about it logically. So, whatever the subject matter of the piece of information is that you are given, and whomever the source is, be it a friend, acquaintance, boss, the television, or anyone in between, it’s important to separate your mind that is taking in the words from your immediate emotional reaction. As soon your immediate emotional reaction takes place, we as human beings have a tendency to skew the words and the meanings behind the words, sometimes even the facts. The emotional reactions are where the person delivering the information to us may often have power over us. Our past experiences often have power over us also, causing us to preemptively pre-react or overreact to new information. Remember, you are an intuitive soul first and a human being second. You were an intuitive soul before you ever came to this earth, and you will be that same intuitive soul when you leave this earth. Your physical body and even the brain that it is using to process the information it receives are secondary to what your soul knows. If something FEELS off, it probably is. Listen to your soul and the cues it gives you before automatically reacting.

2) We are running into one complaining person after another. Everyone around us seems to be speaking negatively or is always offering negativity.

Everyone is on their own soul journey while here on earth. You are on your soul journey, and everyone you come into contact with from close loved ones to complete strangers are on their own soul journeys. You can’t control how other people react to circumstances, but you can take two steps back and look at the bigger picture of WHY a person may be complaining about a particular subject on a particular day, while engaging in your own energetic hygiene practices. If you feel you are empathic, develop some quick 60-second energetic protection rituals before going into public spaces or around family/friends who you know complain often. Or, even if you aren’t empathic and you feel affected by a person’s energy, you can try this: Before engaging with that person, imagine bright white light coming from the sky. This is universal life force energy. Imagine it coming straight to you and encapsulating around you like a balloon. Additionally, once you leave that person (or even once you hang up the phone from speaking with them), imagine an string from them to you. Take a scissors, and cut the string, feeling empowered as you do so to sit in, and reclaim, your own energy as yours and yours alone. There are many, many energetic hygiene practices you can engage in. Find one that resonates with you.

The important thing is to not allow someone else’s negative attitude and opinion to slowly erode into becoming your own. By law of attraction, you will find yourself only experiencing more of what you don’t want over time and being exposed to more people with that similar attitude and negativity.

3) We’ve found ourselves in conflicts that we never saw ourselves being in. We are fighting with family and friends, or find ourselves exposed to the arguments of others.

Ah, politics. Yes, it’s affected all of our families, I imagine, right? But even beyond that, conflict has bred more conflict (law of attraction, amiright?). Some of you may find this a hard pill to swallow, but when it comes to conflict, you again have to remember that everyone is on their own individual soul journeys. Soul journeys lead us to our perspectives. Our childhoods, many of which were vastly different experiences even if raised in the same home as a sibling, also lead us to our perspectives. They’re a huge part of our soul journeys. Huge. In an ideal world, we would want everyone to get along, hold hands, and for there to be nothing but peace and love all of the time. But what would be the point of being here on earth then? We’d learn nothing. We may as well just all have stayed in spirit together and never come here to begin with.

Thus, unfortunately for us, we need conflict. It’s sort of some of the point of being here. It’s how we handle the conflict that’s important. And you can only control you. You may vehemently disagree with someone. They may deeply have hurt you. And you need not bend to them or sacrifice your beliefs. The more important part is that you work to understand how and why they got to where they are in their current belief system on whatever the subject matter is from a soul and belief perspective. We are all molded in one way or another, be it in childhood or otherwise. Dive deep within your own soul to work to understand yourself, where your beliefs have come from, and work with your higher self to understand THEM to the best level of understanding you can come to. From there you can often begin to heal in a variety of ways and find loving empathy. I still really recommend this even you if choose not to continue a relationship with the person, and whether they are family by blood, family not by blood, or not family at all.

I’m going to close with this: there is hope. I know it’s not always easy. I know it can be downright hard. But we can drive a shift. And if you are feeling hopeless from a personal perspective for entirely different reasons, you can drive a shift too. You were born with the power of pure loving soul energy – it’s who you are.


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