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Limitless: A Soul Workshop For Spirit Awareness


This is a self-paced meditation course for those who want to learn techniques to blend with their loved ones in spirit. (You can be a total beginner to meditation.) We all have the innate ability to blend with the spirit realm, as we ourselves, are souls and doing so is a matter of energetics. As souls, we truly are limitless.  The meditation course will walk you through the priming of the mind to prepare for meditation in the introduction module, into the basics of meditation and working to help you acquaint to your own energy through meditation in the next module, and then will use a mix of exercises and guided meditations in the following modules using different techniques to help you practice blending with your loved one in spirit. The workshop also explains some of the core things you may experience now or over time.  ​As always, touch base with your own intuition prior to purchase to make sure this is something that you feel would help your journey, as everyone grieves differently. While this course is not the end-all-be all for grief (that does not exist) and I am not a therapist, this course was created to empower you and demonstrate to you that you are an energetic being and that building and maintaining a spiritual relationship with your loved ones in spirit IS possible. All modules are pre-recorded + reading material, and all purchases are final/no refunds. Through purchase you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions (listed on this site.)




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