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What Does 1111 Mean?

Seeing 1111 … ?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re likely aware that I do Q&A’s in my Instagram stories quite frequently in which the community is able to ask questions about mediumship and spirituality, while I do my best to answer as many questions as possible.

In one of the recent rounds of Q&A’s, one person asked the following: “I’m constantly seeing 11:11 this year. Is there a meaning about it?”

I decided to delve deeper into this topic than just a singular Instagram story, post, or reel, because I feel like this same scenario of seeing 1111, 111, and 11:11 all the time happens to so many people.

In fact, even my own dad has been asking me this exact question lately. He’s been saying, “I’m seeing 111 and 1111 soooo many places, it’s almost freaky!”

So, I wanted to explain: what does it mean when you see, not only 1111 or 111, but repetitive numbers in general?

There are three different meanings behind the occurrences. I’m going to cover the two meanings, or reasons, that I feel do happen fairly often, but are not the most common. And then I’m going to cover the third meaning, or reason, that I feel is THE most common and why I feel it happens the most frequently to so many people.

I also have a really neat story that I myself experienced with seeing 1111, so keep reading for that as well. 😉

Meaning of 1111 : Signs From Spirit (Signs From Loved Ones In Heaven)

The first of the two reasons that people see 1111 and 111, which do occur but are not THE most common reason, would be because they are seeing it as a sign from spirit: it’s a sign from a loved one in heaven.

Spirit loved ones in heaven do use numbers to communicate with us.

You might not always see the numbers in the same place, as loved ones in heaven can get quite creative with how they get the signs from spirit to you. So, some people will see repeating numbers on clocks, on receipts, or in books, for example. Or, maybe, over the course of several days, you’ll randomly get up to get a drink or grab an item while watching tv and pause it, and it will happen to be 1 hour and 11 seconds into a movie. Or 1 minute and 11 seconds until the end of a show. The possibilities are endless.

You will know that that 1111 or 111 are from a loved one in heaven because there will be a clue early on in the journey between you and your loved one once they have transitioned to spirit, which helps you to know – or innately feel - that the numbers are going to be a sign from them. And once you acknowledge that you know the numbers are going to be from them, that particular loved one will use the particular acknowledged number with you again and again.

It also does not have to be that 1s are your number with your loved one (although 111 and 1111 are common). For example, I see 7’s from my cat in spirit, who has crossed the rainbow bridge. He sends me 777 and 7777, and I know innately for a fact that is one of his signs from spirit that he uses to communicate with me. I acknowledged 777 and 7777 as his sign the very first time I recognized it as a sign from spirit from him, and then he began repeating it and repeating it, because he knew that I knew it was him.

When I went to pick up his ashes from the vet after he was cremated, I drove out of the vet’s parking lot and I was super upset…I was…very upset. I pulled out of the vet’s parking lot and I got just under about two blocks away and a semi literally cut me off. They pulled in front of me, almost causing a dangerous situation, and definitely getting my attention in the process. The semi had a blue license plate (which blue is another sign I have with my cat too), and the license plate said 7777 on it. Those types of license plates are not typical here in Wisconsin, and not typical to be blue either. I instantly, innately knew – my soul instantly knew those 7’s were from my cat.

And ever since that day, I’ve started getting repetitive 7s from him. He was an orange tabby cat. And sometimes those 7’s will come combined with a photo of an orange tabby cat in some form. Or in combination with something that he brought to me in a meditation communication the day prior. I get them in the strangest, most creative ways, just so I know for a fact they’re from him.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because, again, some people will receive 111 and 1111 as signs from spirit from their loved ones in heaven. How do you know? You know because you acknowledged it to them one time, after which they will repeat it to you. Or, sometimes those signs from heaven are combined with another sign that you recognize as being from them.

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

The second reason, or meaning, behind seeing 1111 or 111, which does occur but I don’t feel it is the most common, is because of communication from guardian angels or communication from your spirit guides.

This usually happens when you are ‘down on your luck’, when you’re feeling depressed, when you’re feeling sorrow, or when you’re questioning if you’re on the right path. You’ll often start to see 111 and 1111 during these periods of your life.

You’ll start to notice trends around when you see 111 or 1111 during these periods as well. By this, I mean: Always pay attention to what you’ve been feeling and thinking about in the precise moment that you see 111 or 1111, or in the brief moments leading up to seeing the numbers.

Because, if you have been struggling lately, and in those moments when you’re being sent those 1s, if you don’t identify with a certain loved one in spirit, they’re most likely coming from a spirit guide, or coming from a guardian angel. They’re trying to give you a message.

For example, if you were thinking about how you’ve been wanting to leave your career because it really makes you feel small and compressed and you feel so stifled that you can’t handle it anymore … and then two-to-three minutes later you stumble upon another 111, and that’s your third 111 of the day? That’s most likely a message from your spirit guides: “Keep going, you’re on the right path.”

Or, perhaps, you’ve spent your day sending out resumes, and you’re tired of the uphill battle of looking for a new job. Or, you just got another rejection letter in the mail. And you see another 1111 twenty minutes later. That’s the same scenario.

Feel into what you were thinking and feeling before you saw 1111 and 111.

I know that people will often say to this advice, “Well I’m feeling bad all the time. I’m thinking about this [tough] situation all the time. I’m feeling down on my luck constantly. I’m really having a horrible time in my life lately. Its all I think about. It consumes my thoughts.”

No, you’re not and no, it doesn’t. I mean, emotionally, you feel vibrationally low the majority of the time. But you’re not thinking about it 24/7 even if your overall perception is that you are. You’re still thinking about other things. You’re thinking about needing to make supper. You’re thinking about needing to pick up the kids. You’re thinking about other people in your life. Your kids. Your husband. Your annoying neighbors. Needing to buy teacher’s gifts from the kids. Or school supplies. You’re not thinking 24/7/365 about how much you hate your career and want to leave it. That thought is coming in and cycling out through your mind throughout the day. It may be often, but it’s still cycling in and out.

And when you get those 1111s or 111s, if you had just been thinking about what to make for dinner, there’s nothing really to feel into there. But, if you had just been thinking about making some changes, or about your subject of despair, that’s why they’re sending it to you.

And even if, you’ve convinced yourself that you do feel low and down about your life and situation 24/7/365 - that your mind's thoughts center on that subject matter constantly, consider that you’re still being supported by your spiritual team. And by guardian angels. Because you are. Because we as souls all support each other between realms.

My Guardian Angel Story

About a month ago, I had an appointment to get my hair roots touched up. I drive two cities over for that, which is about a 15–20-minute drive.

As I got on the highway to drive there, there was a car in front of me, with a license plate that said 111 on it. Our license plates here are usually three numbers, a dash, and then three letters. Their three numbers were 111. I followed that car the whole way to the city where my hair appointment was. I did think something about it to myself at the moment, but not too deeply. I thought “Hmm, that feels like some kind of sign,” but moved on with my evening.

While at my hair appointment, I was sitting in the chair, my hair stylist had put the dye in my hair, and left me to let it soak in. My mom then texted me, “Where are you!? We’re supposed to be getting tornadoes tonight!” She’s one of those people who’s always watching the weather channel and is very weather focused, whereas I’m not. “Where are you!?” she wanted to know. I had no idea we were supposed to be getting storms that night.

Two hours later, when my hair appointment was finished, you could tell simply by looking outside that we were supposed to be getting a storm. It wasn’t any secret by that point, you could clearly see it. The sky looked bad. And it was really windy. You could tell there was something impending.

But I had to drive home, because where else was I supposed to go?

I was also supposed to run to Walmart that night because my 7-year-old had gotten a hole in his shoes that day and we couldn’t find his other pair of shoes (long story – ha!). We couldn’t send him to summer school the next day with a hole in his shoes and his toe literally sticking out, so I had been planning to go buy him a new pair of shoes after my hair appointment.

So, I called my husband after my appointment, “I don’t know if should I go to Walmart now, here, and wait out this storm, or try to make it back?”

I then made the decision that I felt like I was going to be able to make it home before the storm actually started. So, I got on the highway to head the 20 minutes back to our hometown and I figured I could either go to Walmart later that night or maybe quickly before the storm came once I got back to where I lived. It was the kind of sky that you could tell a storm was coming, but it was questionable as to whether a storm was going to come in 45 minutes or in 5 minutes?

I got on the highway and about five minutes in, I looked to my right and there was another car, a different one, with a license plate that said 111! And I knew instantlyI felt this instant feeling – of guardian angel protection. The feeling was instant and strong: guardian angel protection.

And that was it: within about 90 seconds to 2 minutes, the storm started, and it was BAAADDD!

I had never driven in conditions like that, which is saying a lot, because I live in Wisconsin and have driven in some doozy conditions before.

But not like this.

I was shaking, but I also felt peace because I felt this calming sense of protection come over me.

The conditions were so bad that I almost can’t even describe it. It was raining so thick and hard, I couldn’t see at all. It was pitch black outside in a matter of seconds. The wind was so strong that it felt like the vehicle could’ve been literally swept up in one fell swoop. I could barely control the steering wheel, or that’s how it felt. I didn’t know what do at first.

There was a line of cars behind me and I felt like I couldn’t pull over and wait it out because I knew that if I could barely see, then I would surely get hit if I pulled over because others would be unable to see me on the side of the road. So, I knew I had to stay driving, I had to stay moving.

To make matters worse, I had somehow ended up in the front of a line – I was the front of a caravan that was behind me. I couldn’t see, but prior the storm hitting, I would guess there were maybe 6 or 7 of us vehicles total, with me leading the way. And to make matters even worse off, there was road construction going on in part of the route, so part of the highway once we got a little further moved down to one lane and there all these barrels set up, which I couldn’t really see and I think some might have been moving around. It was a nightmare.

But I felt this – I was very scared, I’m not going to lie - but I also felt kind of, peaceful? I knew innately that I was not going to get in an accident. I knew that was the exact reason I had seen that car on the way there. It was so strange; I had seen that car a couple hours earlier and the other car right before this storm happened. I knew without a doubt it was guardian angels.

So, I did make it home.

Once the storm ended, it was one of the worst storms in our county’s history. There were countless homes nearly destroyed. My husband took some videos when he went into town to work, and it was also all over the news the next day. There were tornados in multiple locations elsewhere in the state – I’m honestly not sure how close. There were so many trees, old big trees that fell to the ground, some of them on top of houses and cars. It truly was a very, very dangerous, dangerous storm that no one should have been driving in, let alone on an open highway. Here is a small portion of a video my husband took the next morning:

Aligned With The Universe

The third and most common reason and meaning for why most of us see 1111 and 111 is because we are in alignment with the universe: universal alignment.

There are so many more people the last couple of years finding themselves going through spiritual awakenings of sorts. And when not even necessarily spiritual awakenings, many more people are coming home to themselves and realizing vastly important things about themselves, who they are, and what they want.

I think one reason it’s been happening more frequently is because of the pandemic. There have been many people coming home to themselves and realizing what really makes them happy. And coming into alignment with what they really want. Instead of only listening to what other people really want, what other people teach, or caring about what other people want for them.

They’re coming more into alignment with themselves and when they’re coming more into alignment with themselves, they are naturally falling into a greater degree of alignment with the universe.

Being that 111 and 1111 are symbolisms of perfection from a numerology standpoint, you’re going to see those numbers more and more as you are finding that alignment.

For example, for me, during the period when mediumship came into my life, which was swift and fast, I was seeing 111 and 1111 constantly. Experiences with spirit and the spirit world had been happening all of my life. But when actual mediumship development came into my life swift and fast, and I accepted that, the 111s came too. I was seeing 1111 and 111 because I came home to the fact this is who I truly am – instead of who I had been told I was my whole life. I was seeing 111 and 111 constantly because I knew and accepted that this is what I’m going to do because I want to do it. I was seeing 1s so often, it was nearly idealist.

And that was because I had finally fallen into alignment with what was my soul’s intention but also because I had found and accepted what made me freakin’ feel good and happy and what felt right.

That same premise is what so many people are going through in the world right now: finding what makes them feel good and makes them feel happy, even if it goes against the status quo. Even if it goes against what they were taught. Even if it requires them to go through an unlearning process, whether that is via a spiritual awakening of sorts or other means.

Coming into alignment doesn’t even need to be through action either. You can be falling into alignment through realizations, which will lead to you seeing 111 and 1111 just through those deep inner realizations, learnings, and knowings. Because so often we lie to ourselves inside. We tell ourselves we’re happy about something, when we’re really not. Or, we tell ourselves we’re someone who we’re really not. And if we come to those realizations inside and we admit to ourselves what we’re truly feeling, or we admit to ourselves who we truly are on the inside, we’re experiencing a major alignment just by doing that. And can start seeing 1111 and 111.

Then when we take those realizations a step further and we start taking action on the outside, that’s a whole other degree of alignment.

And that is the way the world is shifting.

Many of us can feel it.

And that is the biggest, most common reason for why so many people are seeing 1111 and 111: falling into inner alignment, which by its very nature is also falling into becoming aligned with the universe.


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